2 more sleeps then it ends (maybe)

Well the lag still infests the EU Warcraft servers for us UK players Blizzard are saying that it is not Blizzard’s servers or their “Network partners” (i.e. Telia) Source & Source this second one has a more verbose answer reply. As for Virgin Media here they are not admitting any responsibility but at the same time they are “not” indicating Telia either *hint hint nudge nudge* Source.

The net result is that for the last 5 days I have managed to speed around 1 hour in Azeroth, I have missed my Firelands and Tol barad dailies, I’ve not done a single quest or added a single level to any of my characters. In short I have become so fed up I have cancelled my subscription (it runs out in the evening of the 29th July) and unless this problem goes away that is how it will stay.

I will be saying goodbye to over six years of my gaming life inside the World of Warcraft, I started playing 2 weeks after the EU launch in February 2005 (Amazon.co.uk messed up my order and sent it to me late) I will be saying goodbye to all the characters I have made (and those that was deleted but not forgotten) in that time.

character sheet

This is my current character list from the server Azjol Nerub, which I have played on since day one of my subscription. The last “toon” I deleted from this list was a level 80 Forsaken Warrior whom I rerolled as the Mage you see at the bottom of the list and before that I deleted a level 70 Nelf Priest so I had space to roll Saintangus.

Ok it maybe a little harsh to blame Blizzard for a problem that may not be theirs but it would seem that this problem started to rear its head just after the server maintenance on Wednesday and finally became unmanageable on the Friday (22nd). In all honesty it’s not the money it costs to play, bare in mind it only costs me around 30p a day to access World of Warcraft and 30p does not buy you much these days (apart from sweeties nom nom nom!) it was however the lack of concern Blizzard forum customer service agents show EU subscribers. They make initial posts saying “we are looking into it” and then go totally dark and nothing is said. People ask “can you fix it” or “is it our ISP” but still they maintain a wall of silence when they finally do post it is because people have become frustrated and angry and then all they do is remind us of forum policy and say (eventually) “oh by the way it’s not us!” Great, thanks, that does not help us mind you, could actually tell use what/where the problem is? So they end result for me is that they have till the evening of the 29th and if the problem is still there (I no longer care who’s issue it is) my subs will not be renewed. I will join the ranks of the disaffected and stand out in the cold.

Will I stay un-subscribed ? I doubt it, I will be back at some stage I have no doubt but for now I shall refuse to give my £8.99 to Blizzard in protest of the shoddy way it’s GM’s treat EU customers and the poor connection quality.

The clocks ticking Blizzard!

Note: I apologise for any bad grammar and any other failure to present this blog in anything resembling the “Queen’s” English, but I am tired and in no mood to proof read it any more than I have (that’s how unhappy this has made me)


3 Responses to “2 more sleeps then it ends (maybe)”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Hope they get that fixed for ya soon, bud. I know my friends are always jonesing to play WoW non-stop, and while it doesn’t do much for me at the moment, I know that gut feeling of “I just wanna play! :(”

    At least ya got Brink to tide you over for awhile. Here’s hoping the servers go back to normal in short order! We all know Blizz doesn’t want to lose money on such a huge audience, so that should expedite the matter quite a bit.

  2. I am so sorry!! I can’t imagine not being able to play… but I can imagine your frustration. Blizzard does that to us WoW-ers in the U.S. as well unfortunately. A problem arises, people ask what’s going on, Blizzard says “We’re looking into it” and then *poof* Blizzard reps are pretty much absent. I mean, they are reading everything, but they don’t give us a response until they have one that is worth something (in their minds anyways). I wish that they would at least say something like “Hey! We haven’t forgotten about you, promise! We’re still working on it, and will keep you updated on our progress.” But sadly… that doesn’t happen, and I doubt it ever will.

    Just remember that WoW isn’t all there is to life. There’s so many other things (and probably more worthwhile things) to occupy your time with, and I’m sure you’ll find just those things. I have faith 🙂

    I do hope you’ll keep blogging during this though, I love reading your posts.

    Much ♥ from your American Friend, Kate!

    • Cheers Kate 😀

      Aye the biggest frustration I felt about no being able to play was mostly to do with Blizzard’s unwillingness to keep us either updated or even say something like “we think we’ve worked it out, we’re working on it, update soon. – Love Blizzard” 😀

      As for WoW not being all there is to life, when I read that in your reply it started me thinking. When I started playing I dedicated a lot (almost all of my free time playing, a lot of the time I was levelling new characters and some of that was spent raiding. Don’t worry I didn’t ignore my fatherly duties, my nipper always came first. 🙂 But back then when the servers went down or there was heavy lag and the many other countless problems that happened back in the “dizzle” I never got annoyed or upset, I went off and played the PS2 or watched a film, more often than not I read books or painted Games Workshop models. Sometimes I even spent times with the wench (she loves it when I call her that, she shows me her affection for this “pet name” by hitting me lol). Well the end result was that I never got annoyed, upset or /ragequit I just went and did something else and I also felt that Blizzard was looking after us even when the problem was not theirs. Now I play less, a lot less, I do my dailies, few few dungeons, add a few levels to my new Forsaken mage, log out and go off and do something else. So maybe in the back of my mind I think my time is now more precious and when I can’t login and do what I want to do, even for that short period of time I guess I find that annoying these days add to that Blizzards desire not to take responsibility or even point the finger of blame, combined with the wall of silence we are greeted with in the forums less me frustrated. I guess being a ginger means I have turned into an angry old Dwarf (My first toon was a Dwarf Warrior (Madolaf).

      Wow that’s a reply and a half, I hope it makes some sense 🙂

      Banhammer 😀

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