The long awaited. . . *cough* :)

On the Brink (Obvious pun intended)

As promised I will talk about the game “Brink” (bet you’ve been on a knife’s edge with anticipation, no? Oh never mind then lol) The style of the game models are very much in the style of Valve’s Team Fortress 2, so it was quite a surprise to find that the game was built using id’s (of Doom fame for those that didn’t know who they are) game engine “id Tech 4”.

Playing with and against an AI that is programmed to act like “real” people produces some interesting results, the defending bots like to camp the objective, this seems reasonable tactics the problem is that your fellow attacking bots are not as tactually sound ok they are slightly stupid! If your attack falters i.e. you all die, getting the momentum back to press the attack is not that easy. For example in the first mission (part 2) I have to escort a poisoned hostage to the escape point. I was playing the game on “normal” and we doing great and I got the hostage within a minutes walk of the exit craft and my team was wiped out and the hostage stalled. From that point all my team mates did was run 1 after the other (showing no signs of logic or tactics) and get killed over and over again. MISSION FAIL. Lol

What I didn’t know and what the game designers should have made an effort to point out was that by doing the “challenge” missions (they should have called them “tutorials”) it unlocks you a few clothing options but more importantly these missions unlock some weapon mods and skill boosters. All of a sudden the enemy bots was not so tough 🙂

One of the games big selling points was it’s use of that dubious “sport” of Parkour, don’t get me wrong the people who participate in Parkour are very skilled and physically talented I just don’t admire them for jumping from building to building or wall to wall. But always good for a laugh when they fail (not to far though other wise it’s nasty). In game however the Parkour system is a blessing and a curse, your character leaps low obstacles with ease, slides under objects with out braking stride and leaps and climbs onto other levels and platforms. This gives you an even more open environment to play in and can produce some nice tactical flanking. It is also a pain in the butt if the game decided that you are a pixel over and instead of leaping upwards to grab on to a ledge it pings you side ways and you have to climb back up again. A couple of times I’ve scaled a wall to get on to a narrow ledge but the sensitivity of the controls sometime means that you get to the top and “run” forward a step or two and you drop of the opposite side and back down again! Arrrgh 🙂

Overall the game looks great, plays well, the AI produces some “interesting” game play and I would recommend it to anyone (although try before you buy if you can ofc). The online aspect I have not tried yet although I have heard that generally you end up facing people who have had a massive head start on you and are armed and armoured up so staying alive long enough will be hard. But that is for another day.

“Tonight Matthew I am going to be. . . . . “

I managed to find a brand new copy of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock from HMV for £12 which I felt was a great price for a unopened version. Today I played it for the first time, hay I’ve been busy honest! 🙂 Gameplay wise I quite like it before while kinda story driven (to make a great rock band) it did feel like all I was doing was bashing out songs and earning money which never really seemed enough to buy any of the goodies I’d unlocked for my character. This time around seems no different in the buying things department but your goal is to find, recruit and “enhance/evolve” them in to “rock gods” to tackle the evil (anti) rock robot. * shrug * Song wise it’s everything you’d hope for, a real diverse list and songs from the 70’s all the way up to the 00’s (naughties or 2000-2008 if you prefer). Telly access permitting I will spend a little while longer playing tomorrow. I am looking forward to drumming as Roger Taylor when performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I would kill (just an expression) for a Rock Band: Pink Floyd though!

I couldn’t go with out mentioning. . .

. . .World of Warcraft, the lag seems to have cured it’s self, well it must have done as Virgin Media, Blizzard and Telia could not find the fault that was causing a lot of Virgin Media ISP subscribers to suffer that lag. The up shot is now that I can play with out hindrance (and I did on the 28th lol) my subscription run out at about 9am this morning, (29th July) and as yet have not re-subbed. Over the last few years when I have unsubscribed for a few weeks before re-subbing I normally play the account of my Good lady and kind of “power level” her characters for her also this time around I also have access to the play for free accounts Blizzard offer. So the incentive for me to pay my £8.99 this month is low at the moment. But I can feel the need to play my Tauren Paladin (Saintangus) creeping up on me and it has only been a couple of days he he.

Something interesting and new and WoW related.

Found this podcast at, 3 guys discussing various hot topics from Warcraft related forums. A good listen as I felt the guys are not being snobbish of elitist about things and just discuss matters. Well it’s only the 1st podcast so we’ll see what happens. So I present to you “Forum Junkies: Episode 1”

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2 Responses to “The long awaited. . . *cough* :)”

  1. Thanks for the spotlight, oh great and merciful Banhammer! You may now proudly join the ranks as an honorary Junkie. Some restrictions may apply. If the desire to have multiple forums open on your browser at once continues past 4 hours, consult your doctor. =P

    –Spiritus, FJ Host

  2. No problem matey, I’m glad I found the show on Tankspot, I look forward to the next one 😀

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