I almost melted.

Greetings oh great and wonderful people on the intertubez, it’s been more days than I wanted between blog posts but there has been a good reason for that, I shall explain.
It all began on Monday, in England (where one lives) was sudden afflicted with a mighty plague, Death roamed the streets, vast zombie armies arose and I was left fighting for survival. I am now ensconced in deep bunker, my last refuge against the undead, I may not last the week, please send help!!!

Ok maybe that was a little too dramatic, the truth is that England has been in the grip of a heat wave and it just so happens that the room I have my PC in always choses to be the hottest room in the house (and oddly during the winter chooses to also be the coldest as well) and being a “Ginger” i.e. pasty freckled god, I do not cope with heat and especially direct sun light at all well. Combine that with having a great job that means I am out in the sun (when available in England *lol* ) daily leaves me somewhat sun singed and frazzled. I had even resorted to using “Sun factor Ginger Vampire” (SFGVP 1million) in an effort to stop me bursting in to flame as soon as I leave the house!

Luckily for me by Thursday it rained, a lot, so instead of being sun burnt and miserable at work I was soaked and miserable at work, things was looking up. : ) This meant I could spend time in front of the computer playing World of Warcraft, I managed to unlock the second phase of dailies in Firelands with Saintangus, sadly no new vendor was unlocked but the new area progressed the story on quite well and as it is now cooler I shall endeavour to complete them again. The other thing I managed to do during my short time in game (just over 2 hours only this week) is that my Orc Hunter, Orcamedies dinged 85, he becomes my 7th level 85. The last 2 levels I had spent grinding leather in Mount Hyjal and Uldum while waiting in the queue for 5 mans. Not a bad way level to be honest and I did amass over 3000 Justice points.

Run to the shade it’s back!

24 hours later on Friday the evil ball of death, sorry the sun was back and once again it was on with the SFGVP 1million, heck I even voluntarily spent time outside (in the shade ofc) after work which was a surprise for my Good Lady. But the whole week was not wasted gaming wise though, I did managed to set up the oscillating fan up in from of the Rock Band drums and spent some time playing Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Guitar Hero Metallica. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a drum set from Guitar Hero as it has cymbals instead of just the 4 pads, is it childish to want to feel like a “real” rock star when playing Guitar Hero? lol

Real money for old (cyber) rope!

Well Blizzard have announced that in Diablo 3 there will be a in game Auction House where you can sell your loot (and gold it seems) for real life money! reading the blue post on it Blizzard have said there will be a “small” fee for listing the item and another fee when (i.e. if) it sells. The end result is that you can generate some real life cash from selling game items. I doubt anyone will be able to make a living on this (I am sure someone will prove me wrong on that one) as the money you make will be held in an account you have with Blizzard, who will, I suspect, charge a fee to transfer that money to your own bank account. The only winners here will be Blizzard (not that I begrudged them that) who as you have to credit your account with funds which Blizzard will hold until you use them so how much interest will they be earning on all that money just sitting there? This announcement has caused quite a stir in the Warcraft community, most wondering if (or when) this may come to WoW, being the internet the loudest voices was the ones yelling about how they will /ragequit if it does. Personally I think that if it proves such a great success in Diablo 3 it will come to WoW maybe in a different form (maybe a cash shop?)

Personally I think the bigger issue will be that “you will need to have a permanent internet connection to play Diablo 3” I can see many reason to have a permanent internet connection, some for protection of the game and players, others to help track players progression and for speed of grouping up with friends and randoms. On the other hand when the servers go down or are taken down for maintenance the game is instantly useless until the game is brought back up again! Many years ago EA games released Battlefield 2 and you had to make a BF2 account to play because there was ranked and non-ranked servers. When EA took the login servers down for maintenance you couldn’t even play on un-ranked servers and the best you could do was play against bots, which gets dull after a while. It would seem what Blizzard are saying is that with out a permanent connection even single player will be denied. I will keep an eye on this, for me this is a make or brake matter for buying Diablo 3.

Forum Junkies episode 2

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h6tpgsyhOwI.html width=”480″ height=”300″]

3 Responses to “I almost melted.”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    The news about D3 actually got me more excited about it. Before I was so-so, but now I’m just below “Die Hardon” levels. And yes that’s a bad pun, but there it is ^_^ I know for a fact people spent way too much on hacked/duped/temporary ladder items and the like, even more considering it was very illegal and could have your account banned at best if caught. I know several people that have played D2 so long and so emphatically that they have spent more than 1,000 bux on these items that only last for a little while. (They only play ladder which gets reset like four times a year, and when it does those items are basically useless to them. And because those items have to be re-found as it were, the demand and cost stays elevated.)

    I can see people making money off the game, myself hopefully being one of them ^^ But you are totally right, they ARE charging a third time when you decide to cash that money you have stashed. Good call considering it seemed like you guessed or just assumed they would without the quote supporting it hee hee

    Side note: Have you tried dwarf fortress? Bud of mine get me started, as you like Minecraft and Warhammer Dwarves I thought you might take a stab. Maybe not now as it’s so hot (I know dude! Got the air conditioning on and I’m still over heated!) and that will lead to frustration, but maybe later you should give it a look see. Completely free and has been for years. I recommend a texture pack or something called lazy noob pack, as that helps you out with some addons and that to manage the dwarves.


  2. My mate recommended Dwarf Fortress to me and when I tired it my only thought was that in needs a decent UI and graphics set. It felt like playing some very old Spectrum 48k games back in the dizzle. I liked the principle of the game, I just felt it was overly complicated for such a graphically “poor” game.

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Mmm hmm. That’s what I said as well, but that Noob Pack thing has like five texture packs in it. Here’s a link to my bud’s fortress screen shot to give you an idea of what it can look like minus the mumbo jumbo 50’s typewriter nonsense ^_^

      The guide I followed to get me started is here:

      The only thing I’d mention is you need water to make mud to farm, and when he did that post you didn’t have to. So that threw me for a loop when I couldn’t make it, but that’s where the wiki comes in handy lol Just google that one, as if I add any more links wordpress will flag this comment as spam :/

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