What to do, what to do. . . .

Well from what I read in the forums the blame for “why Warcraft is so bad these days!” is shifting from the game being made for the “casual player” to Blizzard just failing at Cataclysm expansion pack. Phew dodged that bullet.

Well now it’s my turn to complain, I think the game has changed it’s focus to the raider which has in essence ruined the game for the casual warcrafter like me. To much of Blizzard development time is being spent giving the minority the raids they demand. This leaves me with pretty much little to do these days.

“Well you could raid too?” I hear you say. Sure I could but these days I do not have the time to commit to raiding these days, when the game was “young” so was my son. This meant that once he was fed, entertained he went to bed nice and early, this left me all night to play World of Warcraft and raid. Back in the dizzle I did Molten Core, Zul’Gurub, a little bit of BWL and AG20/40, I did Magtheridon’s lair, Gruul’s lair, Kharazan and even indulged in a little bit of (new) Nax. But slowly my time became less my own, my interest waned and I became the evil “casual” player of legend!

“What about PvP? that can occupy your time!” Well it would, but I dislike PvP intensely, well “modern” PvP. I’ll expalin what I mean by “modern PvP” when Blizzard first introduced Battlegrounds in to Warcraft, PvP gear did not exist, Resilience was the dream of a mad man not yet put into fruition. People just went in to battlegrounds (even went to the instance portal to queue up for it too) and played. That was the “old skool” way, the better way. Then sometime during The Burning Crusade expansion pack Blizzard added the stat of “Resilience” for PvP armour sets. This for me at least changed the game of PvP for the worse, no longer was it possible to just decide to “do some PvP” as now you needed a specific armour set just to have even the smallest chance of being even remotely competitive. Also what sealed the deal for me with regards to PvP was that at this point I was playing Elemental Shaman for raiding, (one of the very few in the game, as it seems every one else was playing enhancement) and even PvP I was target No.1. For example I would be standing at the back of a group of people and warriors would charge through the group just to get me, mages and locks would pick me out of the crowd and rogues would ignore healers (normally priority targets) just to stun lock and kill me. So apart from a short stint of PvP during WotLK to get a armour set I really liked the look off I don’t PvP.

I guess I could just do my dailies, then maybe an Heroic or two then log out for the evening? well yes I could and most nights actually do, but while there are still things I can buy from the vendors of the various centres of “daily quest hubs” but those quest have become tiresome. I’ve done all the Tol’Barad, Deepholm, Argent Tournament and have completed the Firelands dailies enough to become jaded with the whole grind. Even when I do them there is little use for the money, so of the armour items are nice I’ll grant you but it takes an age to unlock those vendors. I could buy the Tundra’s Travellers mount but 16K gold (with rep discount) is to much gold to splash on one thing I will barely use.

In truth I am not upset about this really, I have had 6 years of Warcraft and maybe I will stick it out for a year of so more but unless Blizzard devote a little more time to providing some content that isn’t a endless daily grind they will lose people to other games.

What would I actually like to see then?

Well for a start I would love to once again see player made armour sets for PvE (not just PvP) that have set bonuses and also a FULL set (belt, boots, bracer and everything all) and also a set of vendor bought armour too. The current set that we can buy from the vendor can only be completed with items earned from raids 0.o
What also needs to be changed is that the armour design looks all the same until you get to the raid items. This was either a time saving device on Blizzards behalf or they was just being very lazy.
What would be a grand idea (I think at least) was during TBC you could by basic PvP set from the faction rep vendors, add this back in game but to Cataclysm factions rep vendors and we can talk Smile


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