But it’s the last boss!. . .

I don’t often run heroic pugs these days, mainly because people have become pretty unforgiving, patients and generosity have become a rare virtue. Now I will not claim to be someone who has the patients of a saint, I have lost my temper with some people, I think it can’t be helped, but I do believe I am able to spot the difference between someone who is being a real “asshat” to those that are just unaware of tactics/abilities when in game.
Now I try to be friendly and even helpful to people I meet in game, but some people just do not want to be helped. We’ve all meet them, the person so self assured of how good they are, so solid in the belief that it was the healers fault that they died and not the fact that they “stood in the fire”

So there I was in Heroic Vortex Pinnacle with a group which had a DK tank, Shaman Healer, Shaman, Priest and Saintangus as DPS. We smashed aside Grand Vizier Ertan then we showed Altairus that our pimping hand was strong which left us the long(ish) run towards Asaad. The group was using CC without being told to do so, we beat the snot out of the mobs and pretty soon we was standing in front of Asaad. Someone then asked the question “what is the spell I have to jump too?” No one in the group lol’d or spoke the immortal words “omg noob!” We just replied “when Asaad casts Static cling you jump.” “ok cool ty” was the reply. So the DK tank makes the pull, the healer and the the priest fail to jump Static cling and then very quickly find themselves out side the grounding beam and in the “your gonna die” section. 1st wipe. Second attempt, this time the tank failed to jump static cling and dead. 2nd wipe. Ok third go “Remember guys we jump at static cling and get inside the triangle when he casts it ok!” 3rd wipe /facepalm.

At this point the healer offers to leave and does before we can say anything and lucky for us we are joined very quickly by a Resto Druid. He looks geared, sweet lets go. Ok why am I the last one standing? wipe, tank leaves, healer leaves, DPS makes excuses and I am just left inside on my own witch Asaad pointing and loling at me. So, with some regret I select the teleport from dungeon button and slink off tale between legs, a sad day Smile

It just good that the Call to Arms has lowered the queue times down to an acceptable time. One of the best things Blizzard have done and I don’t really care that the tank or healer gets a bag with stuff in it!

For now I shall leave you with this picture, the subject matter is not entirely delicate but it made me laugh to the point of tears.

pissed on

Also the 3rd episode of Forums Junkies is out.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/h6tpgs2pBAI.html width=”480″ height=”300″]

3 Responses to “But it’s the last boss!. . .”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Ha! So ya came back to WoW, eh? How many days did you let the account freeze before you did, outta curiosity? I just got an email saying I got 7 free days to try out the firelands and all that. I’ll let it stay there a bit. Did you see what 4.3 is offering? I did a quickie post about what I read on mmo champ, but they are finally adding Raid Finder. Raid. Friggin’. Finder.

    My mind is just like… boom.

    I might actually get a month of game time when 4.3 comes out to see how that works…

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Good news, Bad news.

      Good news, 4.3 and stuff further down the line is looking awesome!

      Bad news, the current game still needs fixing before I rejoin, and that free week had an expiration date that I just found out about :X

  2. Not that excited about the transmog idea tbh. While it’ll be great to DPS ZA/ZG runs in Knight Commander PvP blues/purples though 🙂

    WoW will always need fixing, they break stuff while fixing stuff I swear! 🙂

    The new threat changes have been a great change for me, I won’t pretend I know the finer points of why they changed it but it does mean tanking Heroics is a lot more forgiving especially when you have people who think as soon as I have pulled it’s time to pop all trinkets and DPS like mad!

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