Normal service resumed.

Well to be honest I didn’t go anywhere but with the school holidays (in the UK) and other personal commitments I have been busy. The problem I face is that if for what ever reason I take a break from something the less I feel like doing that something. In this case this blog, I have thought of things to write down, I even made a few documents using OpenOffice with which to make starts from but they are on my slow and cranky (I would even suggest sulking laptop).

So what have I been up to? I hear you cry, well I managed to buy a copy of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock mainly because there is some really epic songs on there add to that it was only £12 so win all round.

I was also lucky enough to get a copy of Homefront cheap. For those that don’t know the basic plot is that in the future (2026) North Korea mounts an epic grasp for power the like of which has not been seen since 1939. North Korea annexes South Korea and after some nefarious activities Japan joins forces with them (amongst others) and invades America. As an ex-airman from the USAF and now a citizen living in one of the occupied zones you join up with the Resistance and that’s where the fun begins. The graphics are a little old, truth be told but the game does use the Unreal Engine, but I found it does not distract from the fun of the game. I felt the story really drawing me in, I felt I had to keep going on just to see how it ended.

The first half of the story is of your joining the resistance and the reason why they picked you to as the only person qualified to carry out the mission to capture some fuel trucks and get them to the waiting US Army in San Francisco. When you do the US Army indulge in what I can only describe as “Day light charge into the enemies guns!” tactical attack ??

Well I am pretty sure even with the army reduced significantly and with their backs up against the wall day light charges into the teeth of the Korean guns would be the last thing on the planning tables. But hay-ho it furthers the plot on and soon you are once again shooting the KPA (Korean peoples Army) up.

All in all while the game is clearly not up to the graphical and quality of, say Medal of Honour or Call of Duty it still a great romp, ripping plot, great ending and some stunning weapon models.


5 Responses to “Normal service resumed.”

  1. Chokepoint Says:

    Never got round to playing Homefront. How cheap is it now, just out of interest?

  2. I got mine for £20 from Game, you can get it for £15 from HMV ( Personally I think it is worth every penny, wish I had originally bought Homefront instead of Brink in the end.

  3. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Yeah, it’s kinda odd. I mean, *the DAY* Homefront went live everything hit the fan. It was like everyone instantly hated it, though nearly no one bought it to find out themselves. THQ’s stock dipped like 20% overnight and the entire outlook of the company looked really bad in an instant. It was pretty chaotic.

    Glad to hear the game wasn’t pure crap like every review site was saying. But from what I gathered it wasn’t really even that bad, it was more of a B- at worst, yet people were apparently expecting something miraculous. I didn’t pay much attention to it either way, so to hear it bombed before it even really had an opportunity to launch was bizarre.

    In the same vein as Homefront, what I REALLY want is a dang good sequel to Freedom Fighters from the same guys that made the Hitman series. I know the next Hitman is well underway, but at this point I think I could bench the ol’ assassin in favor of some twisted cold war-ish action. Besides, there are like five Hitman games and only one Freedom Fighters. I want moar >.<

  4. The internet is a strange beast, people seem to want to jump one way or the other. Maybe even let the internet decide your opinion for you as it saves time. Take for example our beloved Minecraft if the “internet” had decide that it was “crap because the graphic are low res!” (for example) then MC would have died there and then from universal condemnation even though the bulk of those people had not even played the free version.
    Luckily for Mojang the internet decided that MC was a game that fits nicely in to the niche bracket (because mainstream is crap man, Ooo new Call of Duty!!” 0.o

    I think Homefront’s problem was most likely that the graphics was a little out dated by the point of release (and as we all know graphics is everything *cough* Minecraft *cough* 😀

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Haha, nice points ^_^ Kinda reminds me of APB, had to edit a file to get it to run fast enough for me to enjoy it, and if you REALLY screwed with the numbers it made the whole thing look like it was a city-themed shooter set in the minecraft engine XD People who nay-say’d Homefront should have played what I did for a few hours and then look at ‘how bad’ the graphics were. It is a shame how some people see a mix of pixels and claim it isn’t pretty enough to even bother with.

      Though, I will say the one game that was the exception to the rule was Dwarf Fortress, but thankfully they have texture packs to fix that mess. And yes, it is a total mess and I’m not being blunt stating that. If it were not for texture packs I never would have bothered trying as it is so hard to see what ‘object’ is what. Considering there are like fifteen types of trees and each make slightly different quality items it very easily gets mindnumbing lol

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