Threat changes, Tanking still hard!

Well kind of, since Blizzard made some changes to how threat mechanics work [Source] tanking heroic mode 5 mans have become easier with controlling the mobs and not dropping threat on mob packs or bosses. The problem is that someone told the DPS about the changes and boy are they keen. For Banhammer and Saintangus it has been a welcome change, while I was able to tank quite happily before the changes if the DPS started up to early or pulled aggro from me (e.g. targeting a mob I am not currently tanking *sigh*). Having to stop what I am doing to draw the mob back to me normally lead to me steadily dropping threat from the mobs I did have control over which leads to all sorts of issues.

While I don’t raid at all these days I do come from the “old skool” days of if you pulled aggro in a raid (or a 5 man for that matter) you ran TOWARDS the tank which enabled faster pickup for the tank. It would seem today people have two responses to pulling aggro. The first is to just run away, but mobs will always catch you (unless they can be slowed and maybe kited) the other and seemingly more common is to DPS harder. Yes that’s right generate more threat on the target that’ll help! lol. I shouldn’t complain really but it always leave me amused that a simple act of running towards the tank into any AoE threat effects (tanking classes all have these days) is last on peoples list of things to do.

Playing the game, properly!

When I did have IRL friend that still played World of Warcraft it was a lot more fun as we would play in a group/guild and then we could talk about what we have done, what we want to do next and generally shot the WoW breeze!

One thing I have always maintained is that we never played the game as Blizzard really intended. Ok they meant for us to play as, maybe even immerse ourselves as our characters, after all it is a RPG. That’s not what I actually mean though, over the years we have either soloed or worked in pairs to complete quests, we quite often out gear and out level the quests and instances we go in which makes a wipe not unheard of but somewhat on the rare side of happenings.

What I mean buy playing “properly” is that when Blizzard made the game the whole experience was based around a group of 5 adventurers working together to become great heroes and have epic adventures.

So what I suggest is that people make a group of five characters, decide who is going to play a tanking class, healing class and 3 DPS’rs. As all the starting zones have now be changed around the party would have to be all one race, the old Orc/Troll and Dwarf/Gnome zones would have meant we could mix a match a little but alas no more. Anyway the party then plays to a set of rules that I will set out below.

  • No boosting of cash, bags, arms or armour.
  • Characters should have professions best suited to the class. e.g. no Blacksmithing Priests Smile also do not double up professions.
  • The characters can only use items that they make, find or get as quest rewards.
  • No farming of mobs or instances just for the purposes of levelling or getting “the desired loot drop”. Skinable animals can be farmed for the purpose of making armour the same for mining and herbalism.
  • The group has to stay together at all times, absolutely no soloing.
  • Instances can only be visited once. Unless you have unfinished quests although be honest enough to not leave quests undone or purpose.
  • Characters can use the Auction House but not “play” it.
  • No guild perks or heirlooms at all.
  • Finally no Battlegrounds. Your adventuring, not warring! Smile
  • Dailies can only be done the once, treat them like normal quests.

The purpose for this is that the players are more reliant on each other for support as a proper RPG would be. I’ve never been one for pen and paper dungeons and dragon style adventures, I prefer my adventuring more “computery” 🙂 and play World of Warcraft in this way would play right into that mould (for me at least). Now you could do all this on an Role Play server but I couldn’t keep a straight face for long enough and stay “in character”

In the end you’ll progress thought the game, see more of the quests and zones, have the company of four good friends and at no time will anyone suddenly be 10 levels ahead because they play more as the group would play to a set limit to play, maybe 2 hours a session, that way you can all go off and play with your main characters and still be productive within your guild or just improve your characters.


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