Operation “Saint Agnes” begins.

Agnes looked out to the ruin the Quillboar invasion had brought to the south of Mulgore, warriors sent from Bloodhoof village had stopped Camp Nazache from being over run and destroyed. The Quillboar had chosen to invade in the wake of the devastation caused by the Cataclysm taking advantage of a shaken and grieving population.
Agnes who had just come into her 16th year found herself drawn from her home to join the struggle against the Quillboar. A Thunderbluff brave suggested she seek out Helaku at Camp Nazache as he was looking for initiates to swell the ranks of the Sunwalkers.
“What are Sunwalkers?” she had asked.
”Go to Nazache and you will see young one!” was all the Brave had replied.
So here she stood, mere minutes walk from Camp Nazache, looking out over the once lush green fields of southern Mulgore she began to fell an anger like never before in her short life when a voice behind her spoke “Calm yourself Agnes, I have no use for warriors driven only by their rage. If you cannot control yourself I have no need for you.”
Startled, Agnes turned “Who are you? How do you know my name?” she blurted out.
”I am Sunwalker Hekalu and you are Agnes Suncloud, you have been known to me since your birth, it is my task to set you on the path and yours is to walk it, come your training as a Sunwalker begins now!” with the final word Hekalu turned and walked back towards Camp Nazache, after a moment pause Agnes followed.

“What is Operation Saint Agnes?” I here you cry, as you asked so nicely I shall tell you. Go get yourself a drink and I shall lay it all out for you!. It all started with my last post where I spoke about how I thought we have never really played World of Warcraft properly. I also laid out rules for how I thought we/you/anyone could play the game in a way that makes the party reliant on each other rather than money/gear from mains.

This got me thinking about maybe trying to get a character to 85 soloing and using a similar set of rules to what I laid out for group play.

The rules are quite simple:-
1. No boosting of cash, bags, arms or armour, guild perks or heirlooms.
2. I can only use what I make, find, loot or get as quest rewards.
3. No farming of mobs or instances for levelling or loot. I’ve also chosen to only kill what I need to kill or what decides to fight me!
4. Instances can only be visited the once, unless as quest is half completed then I can go back to finish it, if it’s still not finished, tough.
5. Every two days I can visit the Auction house to see and buy stuff but I cannot “play” the auction house. Decided to remove the Auction House from the equation as I don’t really see a noble Paladin being a wheeler dealer.
6. Dailies are to be treated like normal quests, once done cannot be redone.
7. No battlegrounds, it’s all about the adventure baby!

So I rolled a Female Tauren Paladin (yes I know another Paladin but I freaking love them ok) on a server I do not have any characters on and I named her Saintagnes. Using the above rules I played till I dinged level 10 which was around 1 hour 40 minutes. By the end I had killed 3 rares, found 2 green quality items completed 3 achievements and completed a little over 50 quests. At level 10 I chose to follow the Retribution spec tree as the Protection and Holy spec trees are more group/dungeon orientated, not that it is isn’t possible to level with either spec just I felt I wouldn’t be grouping or tanking instances repeatedly those spec are redundant.level_1_to_10
Here she is as a raw level 1 Sunwalker Recruit ready to battle evil where Saintagnes can find it. Now a level 10 Sunwalker initiate a few greens under her belt and Mulgore is now short 3 rare mobs 🙂

Having just “dung” level 10 just after killing the Mulgore rare Sister Hatelash in a battle of Epic proportions *cough*

So far her adventuring has provided three “greens” I shall list them in order and add links at the end if you are interested. All links will be direct to Blizzards EU website not the US one, I doubt it’ll make any difference.

Training Sword of the Whale
7.1 DPS, +2 Stam, +2 Spirit (loot drop) [link]
Imbued Infantry Gauntlets
57 Armour, +1 Stam (drop from rare) [link]
Plainstrider Leg Armour
74 Armour, +1 Str (quest reward) [link]

I shall continue Saint Agnes’s adventures to become a full Sunwalker Paladin tonight, I aim to play about 1.5 to 2 hours with her at least every other day. This while give me time to assemble a few screen shots as I go and Photoshop them down to a presentable size.

Also I apologise if the opening mood setting story isn’t up to a good standard but if I do not post it as is I will spend ages editing it and then finally decide to delete it as I am a fussy sod.


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