Love + Hate = frustration!


My original title for this was going to be “MoH Online you fucking suck balls I hate you!!”  but for one it was to long to fit in the header box, secondly it was /rage fuelled having just finished play Medal of Honour (2010) on the PS3 and lastly it does not suck that many balls, just a few. Normally I play MoH online using my Xbox 360 but that is only connected to a 19 inch monitor just to the left of my PC, just a shame I cannot connect a PS3 the same way! Anyway we had recently bought MoH for the PS3 the reason for this was that it’s a great game and a friend of mine wanted to team up for some multi-player action, secondly the PS3 is attached to the “big tv” as we call it.


So I log in play a few of the campaign missions just to make sure the controls are not so different from the Xbox (still prefer the Xbox controllers over the PS3 ones), everything seems tickety boo so off to multi-player land I head. This is where the fun begins after a two game I am not doing to badly, a few frustrating deaths from sniper/camper fire. The MoH maps are very sniper friendly and positively encourage camping which rather spoils the idea of Team death match or as MoH calls it Team Assault. Anyway things start to go a little wonky all of a sudden I am getting picked off with surprising regularity, I fire, they fire, I die, they run off. o0 Oddly enough this is one part of MoH online that I normally find really fair, mutual death seems to happen quite often, being riddled with bullets at the same time tends to do that.


One guy, I let have a 2-5 burst with my trusty AK47, who then backs into a door way I follow and once again let rip with a point blank burst and I mean POINT BLANK (barrel to chest style close) and he hits me with one blast from his shotgun and I am die? The straw that broke this camels back was when I melee attacked a guy, I thunked the axe into his neck, there is a blood spurt and then he puts me down with a burst from his M16A4. A little shocked, quite a bit frustrated and very annoyed I finished the game and logged off.

Did they or didn’t they?

I’m not going to start calling these people cheats as you can get a “perk” in game that either hands out better ammo or body armour, I think it is more to do with poor multi-player programming and maybe a hint of lag, how can tell I just hope MoH2 multi-player will improve on MoH current system.

In other news. . .

Minecraft 1.8 is out today. Here is a list of what is been included into the game I did try the 1.8 Pre-Release and found it to be a little laggy in places. The actually release seems very stable right now, not laggy but I have not found any of the NPC villages or Ravines yet but is it early days.


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