This is what happens when . . .

. . .you don’t pay attention, you see I kinda failed with operation Saint Agnes. Things was going swimmingly, I had only done each dungeon that became available (as planned) I had done all the dungeon quest while there so has slightly out levelled Northern Barrens, but no matter I can go back and carry on now. I then noticed that Gnomeregan had become available so I decided to run that place then focus on levelling through the world like normal. In my haste I when on auto pilot and queued for a random instead and got Gnomeregan (by chance) so I didn’t twig any thing was amiss until we killed Thermaplugg and I got the Satchel of Helpful goods.

To be completely honest  I was having so much fun levelling Saint Agnes that I wasn’t paying that much attention, hence the mistake with the random dungeon. The quest rewards I was getting was turning her in to a DPS machine and I was getting some really good drops from bosses in the instances I have done. DPS wise in some cases she is almost keeping par with people in heirlooms which is surprising.

Anyway she is now level 25 you can click here to see her profile. Now I have decide if I should carry on and ignore the one “fall of the wagon” or go just go mad and level her up asap?



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