All hail Lowping, Epic Shaman! (almost)

Well the last couple of days have been quite the adventure, mainly for my Elemental Shaman Lowping. I rolled him a few weeks into Burning Crusade and was, for a while at least one of the very few Elemental Shaman on the server (at least for the Alliance) as nearly everyone else had rolled Enhancement or Restoration. [Wowhead] I had levelled him as Enhancement, pretty much because you had to back in the dizzle, but once you got to Burning crusade content chainmail caster items started to appear fairly often. Although looing back now I find it odd that I didn’t just take any and all caster items regardless of armour type (barring Plate ofc) and use that, as Amour Mastery (level 50) didn’t exist back then but for some reason I stuck at searching for Chainmail items, I guess part of me thought I wouldn’t be “playing properly” if I mix and match my armour types.

Anyway I am sure you are asking “Why is Lowping soooooo Epic (almost) then?” I shall tell you, are you sitting comfortably?.

I’d done my dailies with Windlepoons my Mage and with Saintangus and was wondering who to work on next. Now I should have started with Banhammer and completed his Firelands dailies but I had already been through the area twice and felt like a change of pace. Out the corner of my eye I spotted little old Lowping, I’d trolled him out a few times, mainly to make potions but since hitting 85 he has not left the bar in the Dwarven District we he has been sat developing a beer belly. “Right you fat bugger, you need a run out!”

I’ll start him out slow and started on the path to get Thrall rescued and married to Aggra (lovely ceremony, I didn’t cry. honest!”) this lead to Lowping doing the Firelands prequests and eventually doing the dailies while there (damn you Blizzard that’s three times in one day!”)

By now I had actually got a taste for playing Shaman again, so I queued for a random heroic, while Lowping never dazzled with shockingly high levels of DPS, he acquitted himself well (not sure why but that reminds me I need to download the addon “Decursive” again) so I queued again and again, I won a few items and gain a nice chunk of Justice & Valour Points and went shopping for more goodies.

As you can see the list of goodies he has earned is quite EPIC! 🙂

The biggest fun I had was in doing the new Heroic version of Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub though. Ok they have been out a while now and I have done them before with Banhammer but general elitism of the people I found in there made me not want to go back (so I hadn’t). Now it seems people have calmed down quite a lot and the instance is playable (for me at least). I’d had cut my raiding teeth on Zul’Gurub and Molten core so I find it a great place to go back to and play, ok it isn’t the 20 man raid it once was but the place is still really good. Zul’Aman on the other hand I had completed all the bosses but not the last one. Both instance bare very close resemblance to how they was but with subtle differences. All round good fun as long as you don’t get a few “leet” players expecting 30 second boss fights and 100k dps.

Lowping in all his glory!
Need my guild tabard on the wildhammer one looks shabby!


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