“Your dps is too low!”

Normally I do not pay any attention to what people say while in PuG’s, or do I even criticise people for low dps but today I was rattled by what was said to me while in a random Zul’Aman PuG run.
We had got to the second boss (Bear boss) and the tank, who didn’t wait for anyone to be ready, didn’t even ask or ready check. Starts up the fight and we wipe. As we form up on the stairs the complaints, all of a sudden the words “We need to do more DPS!” splash across the chat window.
“Shaman you do to low DPS!”
”Your DPS is to low do more!”
After a couple more of these pointless statements I chose to reply (I shouldn’t have done but for some reason this really got to me!) so I replied with “You’ve mistaken me with someone who gives a shit!”
”In that case you can be replaced!”
”Replace me then you asshat!”

“You have been kicked from the group!”

What really rattled me was the fact that my DPS was around the same level as the other DPS in the group. For the trash pulls I was hitting around 12k DPS and on the one boss fight we had I hit 15k. Elemental Shaman seem to suck at AOE but are not slacker when it comes to single target dps. Although other classes seem do seem to be doing better in the DPS stakes.

Next time I’ll be thicker skinned and not even reply to these people and keep silent.


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