Battlefield 3 open beta w00t!

I’ve been really excited about EA Games soon to be released Battlefield 3. The trailers have looked stunning and in game play footage, especially the tank assault section look so atmospheric as to be “almost” realistic. Anyway when I got my copy of Medal of Honor in came with a code to get early access to the beta, which for some reason when the invite did arrive in my inbox I tried to register as requested and the whole process failed quite dramatically, Oh well win some lose some.

So a few months later I read through the Facebook feed for Battlefield that an Open Beta will soon be available (then I get an email saying the same thing a day later 0.o ) PSN got the open beta about 2 days before the Xbox 360 so I had to wait a little longer to play.

After playing for a few hours it’s quite clear that this is more of a stress test and bug search/fix than an open beta, Ok the distinction between those things is quite fine but when you consider the game has a release date of 30 days (or so) after this beta release they are cutting it fine.

The Map.

The map we have been given to play is called Metro which has 3 sections, the Park, the subway and the city and thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine a lot of scenary can be destroyed is a more dynamic way than the destruction in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

The Mode.

The game mode we are testing is “Rush”. In this game mode the defenders have to protect two “M-Com” stations and the attackers have a limited number of “tickets” (think lives) to destroy the locations the defenders are protecting. Once both M-Com Stations are destroyed the defenders are pushed back and have to protect the next two M-Com stations on the map. Conversely the attackers get back all the tickets to use to destroy the next M-Com stations. If the attackers tickets get to zero the defenders win, if all the pairs of M-Com stations are all destroyed the attackers win. The teams are then switched and off you go again.

The pretties!

In short the graphics for the muli-player portion of Batlefield 3 are quite frankly Battlefield Bad Company 2. Graphically the game looks and feels like a slightly improved version of Battlefield Bad Company 2. No bad thing but if you consider how good Medal of Honor looked in single player and multi-player BF3 is a little disappointing in comparison. Having said that when you consider you can destroy a lot of the terrain I guess sacrifices have to be made.

The bugs.

There are many odd things happening in game atm, I’ve seen the bipod of a support weapon jutting out at odd angles from the barrel of the weapon, a magazine for an M16A3 floating around away from the gun, when crawling on a slope sometimes you can see through the floor and the one that annoyed me the most was wall jumping can sometimes go “wonky” which leaves you trying to jump a wall and failing to climb over. That I guess is the reason for the beta we have now.

In conclusion. . .

Multi-player wise I am not sure the game is going to be a CoD killer, it is certainly going to give CoD a run for it’s money. Single player wise I can’t really say much barring what I have seen in videos, this is going to be the main reason why I will be buying the game.

Consider the game is due out on the 28th of this month with the bugs in game I sense a big patch hitting the game on day one of release unless they are waiting till the last minute to master the disks. Time will tell.


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