Everyday I’m Shuffling!

The original euphoria for the Battlefield 3 beta test has worn a little thin, mainly because it’s been so buggy/laggy recently so after getting to level 9 I’ve stopped playing. DICE have explained that this beta is mainly for stress testing the servers and not the software and as such this is an early version of the game code, odd then that they are patching it!. Can’t wait for the game to actually be released though.

I saw this and thought of this blog! Ok maybe not but I have to share it with you (if anyone still reads).

Not in it’s original form I am sensing the sign
may have been changed a little!. lol

Dailies, dailies and some dailies.

The Firelands dailies have began to pay dividends, kinda. With Saintangus I’ve opened one of the last three vendors. Although I did chose the wrong one, well I say wrong one I meant not the one I actually wanted to open. Not a big deal just takes a little longer to get to the one I did want.

In other news, arguments!

I rolled a Goblins Shaman to level along side the Mrs, their levelling paths diverged a little as her Goblin Hunter has been questing like a deamon and is in the high 40’s. Where as my little Shaman is 35, the difference is that I have chosen to try and level instances, which has produced some interesting adventures! I’ve been slagged of for throwing a few heals, that has never happened before, I have been called a “nub”  for mistiming my Flame shock spell on a pull, even when I said “my mistake I mistimed my cast” he still carried on calling me a “tard” and telling me I should “do more DPS!” I was second on the list and top out of the DPS? go figure. (the tank was top but had 4 heirlooms) and the last person that made dungeoning fun was a Troll priest that took upon themselves to solo a mob if they hadn’t of done that we wouldn’t have fell foul of a pat. Because I waited for a res I was called “A lazy fucking tard!” 0.o “Well it’s the least you can do after causing the wipe!” I replied. I put them on ignore before the abuse got to bad.

Diggy, Diggy mine!

It’s been a few weeks since the 1.8 patch for Minecraft was released and while I have not played it as much as I should be I’ve still not happened upon any of the villages that is meant to be out there. Overall I like the changes, I like the food bar and the heart regen linked to it. I am going to try a mod soon called “Industrial Craft” which looks fun, but I have to cut back on my WoW time to allow for more Minecraft time, but I doubt that will happen. Open-mouthed smile


2 Responses to “Everyday I’m Shuffling!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Those villages seem to spawn pretty far away, and are a fan of desert biomes from what I’ve seen. This should be fixed/easier to find in 1.9. Which should be out soon! All the major features should be in-game by the 18th, leaving the next month for bug fixing and optimization.

    Brewing, breeding, enchanting, huge load of nether content. Big stuffs.

  2. I’m still looking the current Biome of the area I am in right now seems to be normal Forest right next to a swamp one.

    Talking of Brewing, I am about to download and install “Industrial Craft” mod. Not a big user of mods but I am going to give that one ago as it seems quite fun.

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