Not the best player in the world but. . .

. . I do ok, I am more persistent than skilful really. Not that I don’t have my moments where I shine and end up top of the score board or at the very least end up with decent kills/deaths ratio. Some days, like today for example I come up against a brickwall of players that are very good, suspiciously good if you know what I mean. Ok I’ll say it out loud, they are cheating, using foul means to gain some advantage in game or maybe taking advantage of game mechanics and bugs to reap rewards. Take for example the Battlefield 3 beta demo we have on Xbox live/PSN and PC right now. In the opening area there is a high wall near the tunnel entrances I’ve seen people climb up there using exact pixel jumping to gain access to the top of the wall to snipe from. This gives them a great height advantage to shop with and quite frankly it is exploiting a error in the map.

I’ve seen people disappear through the floor the reappear a few moments later a bit further on and next to the M-Com station to plant the charge to destroy it. This is now hopefully fixed as alleged in a recent post from EA/DICE. I will say EA/DICE have said that this is a not the final release code and have implied that it is in fact an older version of the finished product and we are stress testing the server software.

I’ve seen people who are remarkable players to the point where I think they are exploiting or as I am beginning to think down right cheats. Today I was in a game and faced off against a particular guy (although there was two other in game I suspicious of) he regularly ended the game with about 4 times the kills to deaths the second game against him was 46 kills 6 deaths 0.o Now don’t get me wrong there are people out there that are good but there are also people out there that seem to be too good. The odd thing is this guy was using a weapon not really built for accuracy (the M249 SAW) it would also seem that no matter the direction I went, run or sneak the flank or centre there he was taking me down with his M249. In all honesty he may have been having the game of his life, in the zone as it were but he seemed just too impossible to stop.

Ok this may seem the embittered QQing of some fella who isn’t that good at FPS’s but in my defence I have played FPS’s against other people on LAN’s and online since the days of doom2 and I have seen some great players and I have also seen many, MANY people banned for using cheats (Punkbuster anti cheat software used to announce it in game lol) We all know people will cheat in computer games one way or another I’m just hoping EA/DICE can keep ahead of them unlike Activi$ion do after they have milked the cash from the game.


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  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    The Zone is a powerful place to be. Used to play Quake 4 on a localish server and the guy running it nearly closed it server times when we’d used to spar. Had to talk him down quite a few times there XD

    The problem with online games is, while the greatest players really do play at levels that seem eternally lucky to the point of scripted out, we know many, many more people are that ‘good’ because of glitches, cheats, and hacks. As that number is so vast, our first instinct is the logical one: he is too good and must be cheating.

    Of course when *we* get into The Zone, oh is it delicious. I’m at a loss on what is actually more fun to see, the winning first hand, or getting glimpses of people through text and vocal chat at the end of the round that suggests I must be cheating. The most recent one I had was when I was playing a pyro in TF2, of all things. The scoreboards appears and someone just sent out “But he has to be! He hit me with a flare like three times!”

    It was a terrible jump to that conclusion, for all reasons a flare gun, but still it made me smile seeing it. As for BF3, I’d totally be the guy using a light machine gun. Loved being the ammo guy in BF2, till they botched it in 2142. Haven’t tried, nor plan on trying 3 anytime soon, but I hope it sells very well. (Seeing the slogan of “Above and Beyond the Call” got me and the Misses to laugh quite loudly and raise a glass in their honor when we saw it on TV this week.)

    How are the classes shaping up?

    • I was watching the kill cam in CoD: Blops and one guys action made me download the game replay and watch him (So want this feature in BF3) I watched the footage a couple of times just to check, they opfor had no Spy plane or SR-71 up and he wasn’t using motion sensor either but he would make sudden turns towards the location of people (Stationary or moving) ADS and spit these people in his crosshairs with no drift or having bring the crosshairs on target. 0.o I know the game has an “aim assist” feautre (still don’t under stand why)

      I’ve played some many online shooters over the years (Used to spend an age playing Battlefield: Vietnam that game really hit the spot for me.) and I’ve seen good players and I’ve seen great players so I don’t call people out for cheating often but when someone seem freakishly aware of where people are. Try playing CoD4 (MW1) you’ll see exactly what I mean.

      As for the classes for BF3, I normally only play assault class as it always seemed to be the class least played, people seem to like the big guns and sniper rifles 🙂 As the assault class I also get to heal and use the De-Fib paddles on downed team mates. I’ve barely touched support and engineer class but I have dabbled with the sniper class. Being crap with a sniper rifle doesn’t help but I have got a few kills, enough to level up and gain a few class levels and unlock some extras for the weapons.

      • Encrazed Crafts Says:

        Oh yeah, Ops is terrible man. I’m not a big fan of CoD (I’ll give them credit that the first few were okay) but the lag alone is enough to get me to rage. Correction, lag *and* the addition of on-the-move 1-shot stabbing kills. That is like making people use a brake in racing games. WTF. It is a shooting game for a reason. BF has a knife but that’s more of a tea-bagging thing. It kills the enemies’ pride more than their actual body XD

        Then there is faulty hit detection (box lights up ten times but he is still alive somehow) and clearly dubious hacks going around, gah. Plenty of reason for me not to touch the series till they fix it. My friends love the game, I can’t stand it.

        It still is weird for me to hear that the assault class is now a medic. Not that I’d like ten different classes at once or anything, but it’s odd. Like a WWE wrestler that enjoys watching Martha Stewart or something. It could happen, but just doesn’t mesh well lol

        Best of luck on the snipin’! I always liked it, but the game seems to either make snipers way or OP, or way crap. Hardest part is learning just how much of a drop the bullets fall in time, and how much lag effects your long distance shots as well. I remember sniping in BF2 and getting different results everytime, and getting ticked off that the unlockable sniper rifle did barely more damage than the starter one.

  2. MoH is a sniper fest, one shot one kill I can cope with but when the map allows you to set up and camp a spawn then it gets tiresome. BF3 seems to reward good shooting but that does not help the team. For one the rest of the squad gets to spawn way out of the way (if the sniper has taken the time to move as far away as possible) and depending on the game mode they just farm kills and not capturing bases. CoD: Blops and MW2 was ridiculous for knife attacks. I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have run through a stream of bullets on to the red hot barrel of my weapon and stab me in the face! meh.

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