Asshat ahoy!

Well it’s been a few days since my last blog post, a little case of being busy playing Warcraft with a hint of lazy thrown in for good measure! Anyway last night I was playing a reasonably new character “Krackawheat” who is a protection Paladin of the cow kind. I’d been using the RDF (Random Dungeon Finder) tool to put on a few levels and all had been doing swimmingly. The rewarded Satchel of Helpful goods left me a little bemused sometimes especially when it contained a nice set of Plate mail shoulders which I would not be able to wear for another 4 levels (at the time of getting them that is).

I had completed 4 randoms and 3 instances I had chosen specifically so I could take and complete the dungeon quests. But had yet to see Scholomance in the random rotation, so I decided that I’ll do one more instance before bed and chose to tank Scholomance. I choose Scholomance as I have always liked this instance but mainly because it has about 7 quests to take and hand in.

We all picked up the quests and began the adventure, after the first room the healer claimed that he “was bored” and I should “make bigger pulls”. We was in the room with the summoners so with out very organised silences and interrupts I had to take them a pack at a time, we still cleared the room in pretty short order and heading in to take on Kirtonros the Heralded. We summoned the boss via his little brazier when we noticed that the the healer had gone /afk with out saying anything to the group. I tried to keep myself up using my Word of glory, bubble wall and even threw on a Lay on Hands but I died around 20% HP left on Kintonros.

“Nice time to go AFK!” I said.
”I am enjoying your QQ!” came the reply.

Now at this point I just shrugged my shoulders, accepted the res and moved on. The Resto Druid and one other guy in the group began sniping at each other, for the most part I ignored it all and just tanked. In the room with the corrupted dragonlings I made a large pull as suggested and once again died (even after bubble wall and all else).

“The tank sure does like to die!” Chirps the Druid.
”. .And you don’t like to heal it seems!” I replied.

At this point the “your momma!” insults/jokes started along with a smattering of “who old are you? 14.” style accusations, the upshot was I put the healer on ignore and carried on. By this point I was a little fed up that such an easy run was being dragged out by the healers pain in the arse attitude. So when he rolled need on a pair of plate mail boots and I was the only plate mail wearer in the group. I kinda gave up, told the group why I was leaving and left and went to bed for the night.

This attitude is most likely the reason I will eventually stop playing but so far I have been either been really lucky and not met many asshats in game or my Battlegroup is happily spared having a high number of these players.


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