Unleashing the Happiness CAPS!

In the normal scheme of things on the intertubez typing in capital letters is considered rude and shouting! We have all at sometime typed out something in caps as we are not paying attention and our Caps lock key is on! The normal course of action is to type “sorry for caps” only manners right!Caps_lock_1
Unleash that FURY!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! : )

Today while reading down my list post on my Google+ account I found a link to an article that made me w00t quite loudly. It also made my go to my Book Facey account and type in capitals a feet that I will repeat here as it is sooooo worth the effort! Are you ready, here I go!


Star Wars Phantom Menace 3D poster

See told you it was worth the caps so this time I won’t apologise! lol
I know what people say about this film, many didn’t like it (in fact many do not like the any of the prequels) the majority of those people dislike the film and find flaws based purely on the fact that it is “cool to hate” on the intertubez things that didn’t live up to the unrealistically high expectations they placed on them. I went to the cinema to see all the three prequels and loved every second of them. I will say that it does not bare close examination (like metaphors) but if you had to go to that lengths to pick holes in a film that was in fact aimed squarely at kids then you need to get out more!

I had just turned five when I saw Star Wars: A New Hope in the cinema it totally changed my life (with regards to Sci Fi and films). My heroes moved from being World War 2 Soldiers, storming “Jerry” bunkers and machine gunning them down in droves and become X-Wing Pilots and Rebels!

Phantom Menace and the following two films targeted audiences was the new breed of seven year olds (and their dads). Quite honestly I was almost that five year old again when I was watching these films, totally enthralled, wanting to be a Jedi, wanting to be in that pod race. I will say that unlike my dad I never noticed Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia as much as my dad did in the original films but at that age who likes girls!! eeeww! : D


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