That rant forgotten but I have a new one!

I did have a long rambling post complaining about Modern Warfare 2 failings compared to Black Ops’s lesser failings but I decided against it. Mainly because it sounded very QQish but secondly nobody really cares especially with Battlefield 3 (please be better than the beta as promised) and then not long after Modern Warfare 3. I will say a few things on the matter though, please, please, please drop quick scoping, it unrealistic and unbalancing and stop 9mm weapons being so powerful at range and enough with the long lunges with a knife especially when it’s down the length of a stream of bullets! 0.o

Minecraft a new rant

Ok before anyone starts to ask “what has Mojang possibly down to incur  the wrath of a rant (lol) the answer is quite simply not much and equally not enough. Like many people I spend time on looking at the amazing thing people do and make in Minecraft, I especially enjoy the videos the Yogscast make. Some weeks ago they looked at a mod called Industrial Craft and also Build Craft. Both mods looked really cool to mess around with. I was speaking to a friend of mine who is more technical minded than me and he was already using them after watching the same videos on youtube I had been watching. As we talked we got on to how to install them and he linked me a wiki page with instructions. At this point my heart sunk, it would seem just to get these mods to work (and maybe other mods too) I would need to install 7 different things in the order specified just to get (maybe) Industrial Craft to work! Really, Oh dear I’ll not bother then.

Just one button, how hard is that?

After discussing the matter for a while with my mate the problem is not entirely the mod makers fault but more Mojang’s. Apparently they change parts of the code in order to dissuade pirates and generally update. This means the mod may end up looking for files that are now in a different place. (So I am told) This I am told is the reason why a lot of mods do not have installers, the one magical button that I can press to install.
Asking for the one button install I am reminded of Rimmer in the second Red Dwarf book “Better than life” where he was complaining that the ship didn’t have a “start” button. Kryten had to point out that it’s not the cost of the button, no matter what materials you make it out of it the miles and miles of cables between the button and the engines that is the expensive and difficult thing! I guess this is pretty much the same thing but with code.

Ok not much of a rant but maybe when Mojang release the final game which is Soon™ I am hopeful that the mod makers can finally make their mods easier to install for us less technical people, fingers crossed.


2 Responses to “That rant forgotten but I have a new one!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I just want a honest and solid patch already. This pre-release crap is getting old and fast. Only started because they messed up on 1.8, pfft. Now we’ll have to wait till Minecon to get 1.9 based on what they are saying. Ain’t that a kick in the pants?

  2. I would like to see a “when it’s done” patch rather than being fed dribbs and drabs. But then again Minecraft is kinda unique in the sense that the game is constantly in beta, being tested and bug reported as in evolves, then add to that people are making mods for it like it is a finished game.

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