Hallow’s End MuhahaHAHAHA!

It’s that time of year again where the Headless Horse come out to play and we get to while away the hours NOT getting the Hallow’s end masks we need to complete the achievement A Mask for All Occasions. . . . .but wait what is this, yes it’s true I can now vendor buy the masks for Tricky Treats which is the holiday event’s currency, they have even made the wands buyable too. Excellent.

They have even added a bunch of quests/dailies to help you get the tricky treats. You’ll need 48 tricky treats to buy all the masks or if you like me have seen Hallow’s end some many times and was never lucky enough to actually get the “right” masks now is your chance to finally finish off at least two achievements.

Left: Treat. Right: Tricked (imho)

Speaking of Achievements, this year Blizzard have added two more for the holiday event. You now have a reason to go and get all the Trick or Treat barrels that are in Northrend as they have finally put it on the list. On top of that they have included in the Cataclysm areas as well. Last year while Northrend inn’s had the buckets it was not added to the achievements list, I guess this year they have changed their policy.

Collecting the cash. . .I mean sweets, honest.

Sadly there is no meta achievement (no title or pet) for completing all the Hallow’s end achievements, just the warm fuzzy glow and rotten teeth! Oh but at level 85 there is 8 gold 27 silver per bucket to be had! All of the Northrend buckets netted me 181g 94s, Banhammer is now off to collect the Cataclysm ones which will net me another 111g (roughly) question now is should I go and redo all the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Outlands buckets for the cash? hmmmm. (Update: I did lol)

The quests.

Back in the dizzle the Horde had a hard time (at least on my server being so out numbered) getting the Hallow’s end quests in Southshore completed. The sad thing about that was the Alliance needed the Horde to complete the stink bomb quest so that they could complete the quest to clean up the stink bombs. What’s sad about that? well I’ll tell you the Alliance treated Horde as kill on sight and would hang around Southshore in droves killing any Horde that came near. Then the same people would complain that they could not complete the quest in /1 and despite how many times I pointed this out they still attacked the Horde. That take a special kind of thinking.

Thankfully now that’s all gone (so is Southshore incidentally) and all the quests except one can now be completed without any bloodshed, then again if your quick (and 85) even the new version of the quest to douse the wickerman can be done without any bloodshed (normally your own)

Yahhh me hearties!


3 Responses to “Hallow’s End MuhahaHAHAHA!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, nice haul man! Only done these on low levels, but with the heirloom chest, shoulders, and 10% xp boost from the Wickerman fire I’ve been getting 11k bucket. Soon to ding 81 just off those suckers alone, got like half a level from just doing Eastern Kingdoms.

  2. Sadly when you ding 81 the xp boost from the chest and shoulder heirlooms no longer work. If you guild has them unlocked get the head and cloak that is 15% that will last time 85.

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Yeah, I remember watching the guy who leveled up Forscience and he mentioned back then the shoulders still worked at 80 otherwise we would have replaced them already. We got a pair on the side just waiting till dinage, but thanks for the headsup man. We’re still in our own little like 5 person guild that’s been stuck at level 1 for ages so no shoulders yet.

      …My high level dk on the other hand is working on his rep to snag a pair of those though XD

      Did you hear the news about Pandaria? Just did a biggy post about it. It is looking refreshingly awesome. The eagerness I had to 4.3 has been multiplied by multiple multiples.

      I is happy and don’t really have a negative thing to say about it, for once. Color me shocked and surprised!

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