All Draenei, all Shaman, all Shaman!

Many month ago now Blizzard announced that the Tier 11 raid gear was being switched from the Volour Point vendor to the Justice point one. For me these caused much rejoicing as I could finally get myself an epic quality gear armour set for my characters like I did during Wrath of the Lich King. So you can imagine I was somewhat annoyed to find the Tier 11 armour shoulders and head items still required the token drop from raid bosses.


Personally I cannot spare the time to raid, well more accurately dedicate the time to raid that raiders do. While I do spend a lot of time logged in I always find myself doing other things every now and then so doing Heroics offer up the best method to spend my time. Queue up, complete the instance and leave again, all is good with the world.

Being able to get all these justice points but eventually running out of things to spend them on, specially when there is two items that I could buy with them (to me at least) frustrating. All that is left to purchase is over priced trade goods and Honour points neither of which I can really use (or at least can not get with a little bit of effort killing/mining/etc.)

And so to the point (mostly)

A few months back, on a whim I choose to try a few Zandalari heroics with Lowping, my Elemental specced Shaman and did quite well loot wise and quite enjoyed being back in those instance, ok the revamped versions of those instances. So I’ve been back a  few times since then and each time I seemed to get something else to buff up Lowping that little more. So there was old Lowping almost all epicced out apart from both trinkets and helm. I started using good old to help suggest that would best fill those spots. I ended up making one trinket and buying another with justice points. This just left me looking for a helm, then last night after a few visits Zul’Aman finally paid me back and dropped the Mask of Restless Spirits which for Lowping is the final piece of the puzzle and he is now fully epicced up!

lowping forum pic
Click me to make me bigger! go on doooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!!!


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