Forum Sigs

I’ve been using the site for quite some time now and I noticed on the left hand side that they have some kind of partnership with who provide web hosting for guilds.

Not sure if it is free but you can make forum sigs for free so I made this one of Saintangus.

Check them out.


2 Responses to “Forum Sigs”

  1. Hey, I’m one of the ppl behind ask mr. robot. We aren’t getting paid for the enjin banner, we just like them and they like us. So we help each other out now and then. Glad you like their sigs. They also have the best guild management system out there. Check it out, it’s free.

  2. I was thinking about making a guild website for my Horde and Alliance guilds but as my guild consists of 4 people playing all the characters (same people in both guilds) it would kind of be a waste of Enjin’s Bandwidth. But I will recommend it to anyone who asks about make a website for their guild.

    As for Mr.Robot I always recommend you site to people who ask about reforging. I am always using it myself I find it the best tool for reforging 😀

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