Being like the cool kids!

Today I have decided to be just like the cool kids in the forums around the internets. Ready? here we go.

Google+ is way better than Facebook!, Facebook really sucks only idiots use Facebook. Call of Duty Black Ops? pffft sooo ghay!! I play Battlefield 3 thus I am better! Mists of Pandaria!!! OMG Blizzard have killed World of Warcraft, Pet battles soooooooooooo Pokemon, Blizzard are just catering for the “bads/casuals/hardcore” I’m gonna /ragequit!

Did any of that make me sound cool ? no? awwww really I was saying nothing that the cool kids are not saying! /sulk.

I like Google+, Facebook, MoP, Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 and will always refuse to be one of the cool kids who decide to follow the crowd of “to cool to say something nice or say nothing at all!”

Minecraft mond. . . .musings!

Well as Minecraft Monday’s is taken >here< : P I’ve been playing a map called Sky Block Survival although the link here is for version 2.0.
I’ve played it a few times now, a few false starts and a few deaths (fell of the world twice when I swear I had the shift key pressed down!
There is 50 things to achieve and all you start with (in Version 1 anyway) is 1 bucket of lava, 2 Ice blocks, piece of melon, pumpkin seed, 1 bones, 2 mushrooms, 1 sugar cane and 1 cactus. Add to that 3 sand (buried) a bunch of earth (that you are standing on) and 1 tree!

Most of the achieves are gettable real easy but some will take the making of mob spawners. Something I have only just started making. As you don’t have a way to make anymore lava you have to protect it (messed up with the lava generator a few times) so you can’t use the lava for a mob killer instead you have to build a method to drop them from a great height.

Battlefield 3

We bought Battlefield 3 on Friday, it’s pretty good, multiplayer is a little laggy but that is to be expected, Black ops was no different. Single player campaign is pretty epic so far you get to use tanks and planes loads of weapons to chose from great story line well worth the money. EA/DICE has dropped a few messages on there Facebook page about server restarts to sort out things so I expect to see a patch soon.

Well I’ll end another scintillating blog and head of to play a little bit of Warcraft and dream of Pandas and pet battles.


One Response to “Being like the cool kids!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I saw that skyblock survival thang! Looks pretty cool and super challenging. They were wise to add challenges, though. After you get the cobblestone generator running it probably gets pretty static fast. I hear ya on the “But I WAS holding shift!” bit, happened to me quite a few times since 1.8 went live. Shenanigans!

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