BF3: Campaign done, now for MP

As I mentioned before I bought Battlefield 3 the other day and as yet not managed to get to play it, but I have now and I think it’s great game, not totally flawless but none the less still great.

Single Player

The single player campaign is set around the actions of a US Marine by the name of Henry Blackburn. I won’t add any spoilers (just in case you want to experience it for yourself) along the way you get to fly rear seat in a F18 Super Hornet (Y U no Raptor!) and attack Iran, quite a controversial move if truth be told!

*damn this is hard to do (blogging that is) especially when I keep going to and watching music videos!*

You get to play as Russian special forces as well, that was a great set of missions, infiltrating *dang spoilers* the bad guys lair. The ending didn’t quit leave me thinking there will be a sequel but it did leave me wanting a more complete ending for Blackburn.

Random Death Generator.

I was playing the game on “Normal” skill mode (my son was blasting through the campaign until I figured out he was playing it on “easy”) and on some missions there seems to be a lot of random death. On one mission in a shopping mall *avoiding a spoiler* when I was told to leave the building and follow the person I was asked to escort I was RPG’d. Re-started from the check point, followed the team mate again this time avoiding where the rocket lands and moved forward only to be randomly RPG’d again. What follows next was 20 minutes of frustrating “take 5 bullet hits not die” move to a new location get hit once and die type of game play. Very annoying. There is a couple of spot where shit like happens but you can push past it with a little effort (look out for the mission where you are leap frogging away from a plane)

Personally I would recommend this game whole heartedly for the campaign and the multiplayer is quality with plenty of unlocks and customisation to do as you progress. It is for me a must buy and I think the multiplayer is going to give MW2 a run for it money. I’ve yet to try out the Co-Op gameplay (although sadly no split screen for that)


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