BF3: Vehicle Disabled! Y U Lie game!

So as you know I have been playing Battlefield 3 online and I unlocked the Stinger/Lgla and decided now was the time to try and shoot down those pesky planes and helicopters. Locking on is easy, getting a steady lock on tone rather than the peeping and pull the trigger! Although the is a bug within the game that means sometimes your HuD goes missing and you have to rely on just the tone for the lock on!

So the first map I start on is Caspian Borders I get myself to the highest point where I can find (and is close enough) un-shoulder my Lgla launcher and wait. As a side note here it’s always worth while to spot enemy forces (on the PS3/Xbox the “Select” key) not only is is a stead drip of points (10 points when they get taken out) it is more importantly very helpful for your team, especially those players that can seem to pick off people with a pistol, yes I am bitter that 9mm weapons are seemingly to powerful at long range in nearly all FPS’s.

Missile 1

So here I am defending against the US on Caspian Borders map armed with my trusty (yeah right) GTAM. Along comes the A10 Warthog, my first target muhahahaha. I aim get the lock on tone (and box) press fire and the pilot pops flares, off goes the missile into an odd direction.

Missile 2

Right, flares (which I forgot about if I am honest) are bad, this time I’ll wait till they’ve used them. The A10 makes their way around again, I aim, lock on, wait for the flares, wait for it, waaaaaaait for it, pop, FIRE! woooooooooooooooooosh goes the missile. Dang to early the missile still gets distracted by the flares.

Missile 3

Right lesson 1, wait for flares, leasson to give the plane time to clear the area with the flares. Ok 3rd times a charm, here we go! Looking for the Warthog again, I shall now call him “nemesis” aim the GTAM, lock on, wait for flares, flares launched, wait a few seconds, fire the missile. Woohoo it’s tracking, trracking, BANG and hit! This is the point my jaw dropped. on my screen pops up the words “Vehicle Disabled 100 points” Oooook it was a hit, while I was kinda wanting a big explosion, I was happy with the hit, what I didn’t expect was for the “disabled” plane to fly back around and shoot once again at the target area!

So what have I learned?

Well so it would seem the main lesson I have learned is to wait for a second or two for after flares before launching the GTAM and also the Swedish have a very odd definition of what “disabled vehicle” means.

I now attach for your viewing pleasure a video of how not to try and shoot down planes.

Even I did better than this guy 😛

4 Responses to “BF3: Vehicle Disabled! Y U Lie game!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Hahaha, 6:49 on that vid is great. I hate it when crap that happens to this guy happens to me. Bad timing and placement are usually the two things that lead to fail moments, but bad teams is probably the worst as it makes those two variables constantly bad.

    A tip I gleamed in BF2 was while in a jet fighter, to lock on to other planes just barely enough to get a hit. Lock on, fire, then manually switch to the machine gun that has no lock on capabilitiy. The enemy will hear a lock on bleep, but it won’t last very long and they think you were just an anti air turret or guy on the ground. In the end they don’t pop flares as not to waste them, and you get a free kill or severly wounded pilot. Even if they ‘learn’ that forces them to instinctually fire flares after every little thing, and that doesn’t help them either.

    Luckily for you though, many new people to the series will steal jets and the like and not know how to fly the dang thing. Which will lead to the common tactic of noob pilots flying directly down when they flare, to buy them more time of distraction. That only sets them up for another shot, as they’ll crash eventually and *have* to pull up, completely vulnerable XD

    How does this compare to BF2? Does it ‘feel’ good? Or is turning screwy, etc?

  2. Do you mean BF2 or BF: BC2 (which is more closely related). BF2 I played on PC, BF3 I am playing on console so it is harder to make a comparison. However between BF: BC2 I feel the weapon aiming to be more “wild” I’ve even turned the sensitivity down quite a bit to make it less wild. But I put some of the wildness down to playing on the PS3 controllers when I am to used to the Xbox ones.

    I’ve never been one for flying in FPS’s, never really got the knack and tbh I couldn’t be asked to faff around waiting for planes and in some cases be TK’d for one, which happened a lot in BF: Vietnam.
    To many times I took a shot to the back of the head from a team mate just for running in the direction of planes/helicopters, only to watch them fly to a location behind enemy lines, jump out (wasting the plane) to set up on a hill with a sniper rifle and camp till they get killed, rinse and repeat.

    Combine that with allowing players to switch teams meant I always ended up on the side of the VC/NVA, which gave me a surprisingly large amount of opportunities to shoot down planes/helicopters with any of the anti-air assets laying around.

    Overall I like BF3, the game plays fine and goes surprisingly well when you’ve got people willing to act as a team. For example I was in a tank for about 5 minutes the other night I netted myself some good infantry kills and a couple of jeeps/armour car things. When I was singled out by two guys with RPG’s despite about 4 people at the same flag as me no one tried to help. Oh well you do get you good games and bad games.

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      BF2. Never played a BC, didn’t really… ‘feel’ that spin of the game. Plus seeing destructive buildings bothered me. While they focused on the ‘flush out those camping snipers!’ angle, I saw it from the ‘yeah…because vehicles just weren’t OP enough…’ perspective.

      You don’t like flyin’?! Dude, it was awesome in like every BF I’ve played. (On PC) Even in the original 1942 it felt perfect. Most of the time I’d end up goofing off, just skimming as low to the ground and laughing at my buds at PC cafe’s as I almost beaned them on the head with a wing as I flew over them upside down. I was ‘decent’ in dogfights, but really just enjoyed swooping in and out of valleys, trees, and everything.

      I *did* do a lot better at dogfights on the ps3 version of BF1943, though. So you might wanna give it another shot. Assuming your team doesn’t shoot you before you get to the platform hee hee In 1943 they did good with the flying controls, just took a little bit to get used to it. Tip: Hold thrust on straight aways, but let go during turns. It took me hours to figure that gem out. If you hold the gas in turns, it is very, very easy to predict where to fire. If you let off the gas not only do you actually turn wicked hard, but your speed slows down, further throwing off their predictions. (Let off too long and you’ll stall out though. Found that out too XD)

      Any rivalry with MW3 on the horizon? Gonna play both?

  3. I didn’t like flying because I was never that good at it or as I used to say “if god had meant me to digitally fly he would have given me digital wings!”. On the other hand the competition to get to the planes/helicopters was stupid so I never bothered, so I went off and did my infantryman thing with my trusty rifle.

    1943 I really enjoyed apart from the “sitting on a spawn” camping kills” that would go on a system of poor game design and lack of after support sadly. I still dip in to that game on occasion.

    As for the buildings in BC it still took quite a few shoots to bring down a build and even then you could still camp in the rubble. The problem with that game I felt was the helicopters to air defences ratio was way off. Given the fact that a helicpoter could land anywhere and be repaired, never ran out of rocket or gun ammo they would sometime dominate a map to the point where you just couldn’t even get going to even try and win. BF3 is different in that respect and I like that.

    I’ve been playing on the MW3 campaign and it is much better than BF3 but I wouldn’t have missed the BF3 campaign for the world that was great fun. As for multi-player I have not tried MW3’s out yet but I am guessing it is going to be the same old CoD MP with a few more whistles and bells. Time will tell.

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