Cataclysmic regrets!

Ok maybe the title is a little dramatic. Quite honestly I quite enjoyed the Cataclysm expansion especially Tauren Paladins w00t!. Levelling through the old but revamped vanilla content was great fun. I felt the changes to how your character progressed, gained spells and Blizzard even made the quest rewards better structured to aid your character in their levelling.

Adding the quest givers to the instances (in my opinion) was a stroke of genius (to much? lol) although while I am guessing they stayed true to the original quest rewards (I have no proof or willingness to go look) is was dissapointing to complete some of the quests only to find the rewards only to be Xp and money, but I guess you’ve gotta take the rough with the smooth.


Myself and the wench. . .sorry the good lady girlfriend have started to level a hunter each, Taurens of course. So for we have only got to level 8 but that’s ok for about a hours worth of play. Hay the point is to play the game, besides playing in a pair means XP is slightly lower so while you kill mobs quicker you level slower, which will mean we should see more of the world as we go.


I keep making them, I can’t stop, I just love Tauren Paladins. One of them, going by the name “Krackawheat” is now 44 and is tanking like a daemon, he just completed Scholomance (redux heh) again and apart from the over eager hunter who wouldn’t let me get aggro then would run away and not to me *sigh* the run went a smooth as it normally does. The other current Paladin Saintagnes (remember that “stalled” project) is now 31 and I am thinking of switching her to Protection spec for getting faster groups.

Shamans and the ladies.

It was pointed out to me that all my characters are always rolled as male, now it’s not as if I have some issue with playing as a lady (anyone else thinking this?) or worried about horny nerds trying to chat me up (I did have a human paladin back when WoW was new and some guy did try it on lol) This prompted me to roll my new character (a Goblin Shaman) as a female and partly because my girlfriend had also rolled a new character who was a male Goblin. So to those that have pointed out my blatant sexism (heh) I would like to say I have 2 female characters now and not once to I stare at them while they are only in their under garments. . . . .for long. . .much. . .maybe.

Last but not least A mage.

Sometime ago I had a Forsaken warrior called Shambling (Undead, Shambling! get it?) who I levelled to 70 as Arms spec then during Wrath expansion I was told that levelling as protection was a good way to level and it was. Soon he was 80, although tanking as a warrior is a skill that still eludes me. When Cataclysm wreaked havoc on Azeroth (and the class and the talent trees) I found levelling as Protection slow and I just couldn’t get the hang of the new “in” spec of Fury at 80+ (I normally level outside of dungeons with characters I struggle with I go at my own pace and I don’t feel I am letting anyone down) so I deleted him and re-rolled him as a Mage. It was then Blizzard made a few changes so I tried playing as fury on my original first even character EVA! Madolaf, Dwarf Warrior and all of a sudden warrior was a whole new class and for me at least playable again.

I have always been Fire spec with my Mages, I tried Frost spec and never liked it as much as others, although I think mostly because of frost specs survivability in PvP which I rarely do anyway. Even in Molten core when certain creatures could be immune to fire spells, although not AoE fire spells oddly enough, I made a compromise and specced roughly around 50/50 in to the fire/frost trees (remember when you could do that kids?) but soon went back to fire. Shambling was going to be no different. He is currently sitting at level 73 I think I have spent more time in instances than questing. The problem with this is that TBC and Wrath quests givers are (currently) outside of the instances (which should be changing in 4.3) so I have stopped levelling him so that I can go back to the 1st area instances in wrath content to polish off any quests when 4.3 hits.

Wall of text almost over.

Well that has been my life for a few days hope you enjoy reading. I am now off to chase my son of the TV so I can finally play Modern Warfare 3. Yes that’s right I have it baby! Been avoiding the TV so I don’t see any spoilers (although he did walk into the room and bashed me on the head with a big one a minute ago)


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