Battlefield or Modern warfare

I’ve polished off both solo campaigns for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 and was greatly impressed by them both. I will say that without a doubt MW3 held my focus more, I have invested a lot of time into the story of the Modern Warfare series (since 2007), Battlefield 3 in solo campaign terms is the new kid on the block and I did not have the same time invested so I don’t have that connection to that game.

At the end of the Battlefield 3 campaign I did feel the ending left some questions (Spoiler: like what happens to Blackburn after he killed the bad guy and stopped the nuke). Alternatively at the end of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign I am left wondering where the world goes after the peace if finally sealed and is Captain Price exonerated of his “crimes”. Those will be answers that we will get in Modern Warfare 4, IF there is a Modern Warfare 4.

Multiplayer, who wins?

This is a hard question, I have been defending both games when I find the fanboi’s attacking either game. The reason I do this is both game are in terms of FPS’s very different. Battlefield tries to offer a more team based tactical shooter. Call of Duty offers a fast paced death match with variation on that theme. Both games offer a large and varied amount of weapon tweaks and character progression. Where one game wins out over the other is in the play style, I personally think that MW3 style of game play is more consistant, if does not encourage camping (although not impossible ofc) and it does reward team play. Battlefield on the other hand tries hard to encourage team play but in the end the players try to separate themselves into the ultimate soldier/sniper/pilot. Although if you get people who are prepaired to stick in squads, prepared to assault the objectives then you are unstoppable. I’ve been on and against player who play in this way and you either get swept away or your doing the sweeping.

So who does win?

So I would say no one wins but purely because the multiplayer aspect is different. If forced to pick I would take Modern Warfare 3 over Battlefield 3, the reason for this is simple and it’s not multiplayer based (kinda) Modern Warfare offers a host of solo player (and split screen) options that goes past the solo campaign. The new survival mode is tremendous fun, defending against waves of hostiles, buying weapons and upgrades, levelling up so that you can access better and better weapons and support packages. It like zombies without the fricking zombies! Add to that the always challenging and fun Spec ops modes that we saw in MW2 and you’ve got quite a bit of content to keep you busy for quite a while. There is also a few extra game modes to play in split screen mode (and I am assuming networked) for example there is “Gun Game” that we 1st saw in Black Ops but this time using MW3 maps and weaponry. OK, Call of Duty have borrowed Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s “Onslaught” mode and twisted it to fit their vision but it’s just great fun to play and I am Soooooo glad they did.

Battlefield 3 on the other hand offers little to no support for the single player past the campaign mode. There is a Co-Op mode but not split screen which isn’t great overall. But on the plus side when you consider that the multiplayer game features tanks, planes, IFV’s, helicopters, armoured cars and destructible terrain.

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