How to fail. . . hard!

Well that was a waste of a hour of my life! I decided to play my second oldest original World of Warcraft character, rolled when the world was young, battleground and cross realm groups didn’t exist. He is and always will be Windlepoons the Fire mage. (apart from a few dark days during Molten core when he chose to spec 50/50 Fire/Frost spec)

Well he is pretty much left in retirement since maxing both level and professions and I used to dust him off every now and then for a quick jaunt but since Blizzard made Tauren Paladins I find myself rolling and playing those. . . .a lot. . .to many Taurens!

So today I fancied something different and chose to resurrect Windle, the rights performed the Westfall chicken sacrificed and I give him life! HUHAHAhahahahahaaaaaa!
1st thing on the agenda is to queue for a random Heroic instance, queue time was 11 minutes, heck that isn’t bad for a mid day heroic, So I wait in Stormwind making Bolts of cloth and disenchanting greens till the dungeon pops. I get Black Rock Caverns, not one of my favourites (the second boss can be a group breaker) but it’ll do 25 min run and we are all done.

The first pack of mobs is easily cleared and the few loose ones running around then the tank goes and makes a shitty pull on the boss and gets the pack by the alter as well. We cleared the adds quite quickly but the elementals that spawn after he does earthquake piled up to quickly and we wipe, two of the DPS then leave and we queue again. Five minute wait for replacements and off we go, this time the tank dies (not sure of what) we wipe and the tank leaves, so we queue again for a tank. five minute wait and we are ready to go. PvP gear Warrior tank healer dies and then we all get hacked down with the AoE after the chains. Healer leaves tank leaves, DPS leaves so I left too!

I should have just gone to the shops as I planned rather than staying for a quick instance run because at around mid-day here in the EU it just don’t happen!

Open-mouthed smile


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