Good game old chap. . Oh nvm then

Having only one copy of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 in the house (and only on the PS3) means that normally my Son is hogging the PS3 and those games so I don’t get on them as much as I want to. After suffering at the hands of the random Captain Invincibles in World of Warcraft’s random dungeon finder I needed a break. As I couldn’t get on the PS3 I chose to play the Xbox, the game of choice Medal of Honour (Yes America I will spell it that way, the RIGHT way) : )

Getting picked off by snipers from impossible distances, whilst moving or hidden behind 5 inches of reinforced steel (well it bloody feels like it sometimes) is a regular occurrence these days I now find it only mildly annoying, where as before it would drive me to despair. As I normally play as the Assault class we do not get nice long range weapons we have to get up close and personal with our foes, it’s also why assaulters like to stab snipers in the back rather than shoot when we can.

Being the bad guy!

The other night I chose to be one of the sniper scum, that’s right I chose to follow the old saying of “If you can’t beat them, join them (in their pursuit of scumbaggyness) and I took out the sniper class for a spin while playing Medal of Honour.  Now I will say it isn’t the first time I have played the sniper class but as a rule I avoid it. Once I get in game I sit at the back picking off people (or at least trying to) I get a few kills but I’m getting bored. So I push forward and find myself in a position where I am looking up the length of the stream. I peak out and I spy in the distance a few bad guys. I get a few kills in quick succession and get rewarded with a mortar strike which nets me another kill.

Still finding sniping dull I decide to have an adventure and spy a nearby IFV and jump in. I make a few kills and eventually get blown up, that was actually good fun I’ll do that again. Lucky for me when I spawn again I am already inside the IFV firing the mounted Machine gun weeeeeeeeeee. I am getting Driver assist kills and a few direct kills even after the driver bails and leaves me alone in the IFV lol.

Message for you Captain!

Now I shall get to the reason for the title of this blog, I was driving one of the IFV earlier in the game and didn’t do exactly what one player on my team wanted to do. I had got 2 kills and pushed forward but not to the direction of the next target, the IFV gets blown up I escape *phew* and I get a “message from *****”. The game ended, we had won the day. I then look at the message it turns out to be from some German guy who says to me “You to Stupid!” I’m guessing from the time I got the message (what was happening in game) it was tank related complaint. This was surprising as A) we had won B) he was at the top of the table C) we kicked arse! Oh well you can’t please them all it seems.


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