Diggy Diggy Drama.

Well what a week it was, there was Minecon in Las Vegas, with people from around the world although I’ll bet mostly from the world of the US of A though : P

Also there (by invitation) was the Yogscast team who was set to interview Notch and do a panel and signings for their fans to. These last two things seems to have caused quite a stir and even a little bit of bad blood between Yougscast and who I am sure they count a good friend, Notch.

Apparently the “Yogs” decided to swear, which if you have seen any of their videos on Youtube wouldn’t be a surprise to the fans, another allegation laid at the feat of the Yogs was apparently telling a kid/s to “fuck off” and threatening to or actually scribbling over a autograph from one of the Mojang team.

I am guessing the problem lies with American sensibilities, I’m not trying to be rude to our American cousins but while I am sure “the fans” understood and enjoyed the time the Yogs was on stage but maybe a few of the parents was a little more “conservative” in attitude with regards to swearing. Although having watch the Minecon Panel on Youtube there wasn’t much in the way of swearing.

What happened next almost tore the Minecraft fans asunder over the interwebz, Notch in a moment of clouded judgement Tweeted his displeasure at the Yogscast over what they had supposedly done at Minecon. As it turns out Notch was a little premature with tweeting his displeasure at alleged events.

Notch later apologised over Twitter that he acted hastily and that he should have talked with the Yogs first. Yogs also posted a short video with a link to their statement over the matter. Also with a little further reading you get the sense that while the Yogs did one thing someone was telling Notch they was doing something else. reading people views and opinions and eye witness (as eye witness as a virtually anonymous reply on the interwebz can be) it would seem the company hired to “run” the convention was not exactly doing a spiffing job.

With all that in mind someone somewhere during the convention must have complained, either about the Yogs directly, something that happened in connection with them and instead of trying to sort out the problem went off and started with the old “emergency blame defection” routine. Heck blaming others is much better than taking the responsibility yourself right! right ?

Who’s side to chose!

Although the drama has now passed what I found most depressing was the finger pointing and side choosing people did. I mean some chose to side with the Yogs (as it is all a misunderstanding surely) many sided against the Yogs (and to me this was the oddest reason) because certain Youtubers was American “and they did more for Minecraft than Yogscast did!”  and most shockingly some people decided to show anti-Swedish sentimentalities (Mojang being a Swedish company) for some reason that I cannot fathom.

Well hopefully it is all over now, those that count themselves fans of Minecraft, Yogscast and any other person who makes Minecraft videos will have just moved on and will continue to watch what they like, the rest who un-subbed from Yougcasts or anyone else caught up in the Diggy, Diggy drama I say this. “I do so hope you enjoy yourself imposed exile it’s you that are missing out.

Modern Warfare is broken. . honest!

I have spent more time playing Survival and Spec ops mode in Modern Warfare 3 than I have done online TDM modes. So I felt it time to jump in to multiplayer and have a bash on that. After a few games I noticed that my knife was broken and also there was a few broken bullets. In one game alone I melee attacked two different guys but was then stabbed back in return. In the Death cam replay in clearly shows me knifing the guy (standing face to face) but it did not count for me. Then to top off that frustration I was claymored even as I was shooting a guy in the back but I’m guessing bullets must disappear in mid air when you die good to know 0.o


3 Responses to “Diggy Diggy Drama.”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Minecraft popularity is actually very, very close between Sweden and USA. While I could agree more people from the US probably attended Minecon, I also agree that I am not really a big fan of Yogs. The are okay at best, but I’m not gonna go asking them for an autograph in the first place. I don’t think I’d ask Mojang for one, either, but eh. Details.

    It’s a shame that crap played out that way, reddit made it pretty clear that the organization was pretty shoddy. Shame, too. Ticket costs and all that must have been huge, esp. without being paid. Friggin’ Minecraft is printing money and they didn’t offer anything but two hotel rooms? Pfft. Sour grapes right there. PLUS blaming them for something that didn’t even happen and jumping to conclusions is terrible. Glah.

    Better luck next time, I suppose?

  2. Hopefully if there is another Minecon, although depending on the lawsuit it could possibly be called Scrollcon next time, Mojang get a team in that actually know how to run a gamers convention and not a business one.

    Although it seems there is a convention for everything these days we are spoilt for choice but overcharged for the privilege!

  3. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Made this post before getting deep into the reddit posts and yar… it does not shine Notch in a bright light. Really confusing, too. They did a video interview for like half an hour a day before this went south, so really bizzarre all around. I was not a big fan of Yog, but I am nearing one after all this hub-bub.

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