4.3 incomming.

Today Blizzard announced that patch 4.3 is being launched on patch day Wednesday, here in the EU at least. The US is getting the patch on their Patch day Tuesday.

Blizzards Blog patch notes are here :- Blizzard’s Website and the more detailed Blue post on the matter is >here<

Transmogrification is on it’s way so you’ll see loads of people running around the world wearing god knows what that is actually current gear. Personally I am aiming for my Paladin to be wearing the level 60 Paladin PvP armour set. Next up we have Void storage, although it’s going to cost us gold to open up an “account” with the Ethereals which will allow you to store all those items that we have collected over the years that you just cannot face throwing away and my character have A LOT of that kind of stuff!

Even though I’ve junked some things I have collected over the years I still have shed loads of trash in Banhammer’s bank bags.

What other goodies do we have?

The Random raid finder is going to be an interesting tool, not sure if all the current level 85 raids are covered (would be cool is they was) or just the new Deathwing encounter ones are. Many of the videos I have seen from the PTR’s show that the fights are slightly nerfed compared to the 10/25 normal/heroic versions, so it’s to be treated as more like a step into raiding.

Outland and Northrend quest givers are (or should be) moved to inside the instances themselves so we won’t have to go hunting around for them and in some cases have to quest to get to them. Blizzard have also nerfed the XP needed to get from 71-80 as well making getting to Cataclysm content faster.

Darkmoon fairland!

Now I’ve never really spent much time doing the Darkmoon fair quests and dailies as it seemed to much like hard work, collecting and making all that items just for a few tickets. Now that has all changed, Darkmoon fair has become Disneyland: Azeroth. Ok maybe it hasn’t but it has been given it’s own area and is open the 1st week of every month. It’ll have loads of new things to do and loads of new vendors who are selling some of the armour set items that have been “discontinued” so that we can use them for transmogging (as the cool kids call it). Having the fair open only 1 week serves the purpose of slowing down people grinding the smeg out of it and becoming bored of the event. Sadly this also means that for a few months the place will be jam packed with people making doing the dailies difficult and I hate crowds.

This is just the highlights of what is happening tomorrow (or today if your in America), although I have a “short” day on Wednesday it looks like the patch will take around 8 hours to complete, lets just hope the extra time will mean that the process is smooth. So as to not depress myself I will avoid reading the forums otherwise the QQing will just be upsetting!


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