I had many titles for this post including “4.Fail” and “Void light robbery” but I settled on “Transmogrificfail”. With World of Warcraft 4.3 patch hitting the servers there was some features that promised a lot but has failed to deliver. If you exclude the new Deathwing raids, three new heroics and a handful of class changes the key feature for many was the Void Storage and Transmogrification.

A brief history of transmogrification.

I decided to delete the long version of this and go with “Other MMO’s offer the ability to make pieces of armour look like other pieces of armour while retaining the stats, people wanted it added to World of Warcraft, so Blizzard have added it!.”

Hopefully that was both brief and informative for you? : P Good, read the rest as that isn’t short! : )

What Blizzard giveth they taketh away!

It has been a few days since patch 4.3 went live, or to give it the full title “The Hour of Twilight” and already we have found an issue to QQ like mad in the forums about and for once I am with the QQ’ers!

8 months or so before the Cataclysm expansion went live I had given up on PvP. Since TBC introduced “Resilience” to the equation PvP lost my interest it was no longer a way to earn some honour points in any spare time but had, over night become “pro” and from then on it has been just something I have done on rare occasions because someone has asked me or I found there was a piece of armour that I really like the look of available for honour. 

Now I’d always liked the look of the Paladin Armour set, to me it looked like Judge Dread meets C3PO but as I played as Mage during original Warcraft, a Shaman during Burning Crusade and switched to a Paladin well before Wrath launched there was never any real need to go and buy the armour set. But one day I found myself with nothing to do, some honour burning a hole in my pocket and a burning desire to dress like Judge C3PO. So I went out and bought as much as I could and even went to the effort of doing some PvP to get enough honour to buy the last few bits plus the shield. All was golden (in more ways than one) and I enjoyed a few panicked WTF’s when I joined 5 mans wearing that gear before switching to my real armour.

Eventually the need to wear it or even carry it in my bag waned and it was placed in Gringots vault. . . . I mean my World of Warcraft bank vault!

I am the law(bringer).

Like all Warcraft players when we heard about the transmogging feature we all started making plans for which armour sets are you going to use, we even starte farming old instances like Molten Core, BWL, Karazhan and Gruuls Lair for the armour sets, I did the same but deep down I wanted to be wearing my Judge C3PO armour. I read the list of rules that are posted >Here< about the process and my armour set was not restricted in any way, I couldn’t wait. I even went to the effort of checking back every now and then to make sure.

Some come the day of the patch I find the Transmog vendor and the armour set I want “does not meet the requirements” huh? I ask around and this was confirmed by a few people so I went to the forums to do a little research. In the NA forums most of the posts are fairly unified against Blizzards choice to restrict these sets in the EU on the other hand (and a reason to not visit the EU forums) the opinion was 50/50 and switched back and forth between “Bad choice of Blizzards” to “I’m glad Blizzard did this you all suck!” as every mature!

And the survey says?

Between NA and EU Blues they apologised and said it was naughty of us not to inform players of this change (despite this issue being pointed out to them some months ago in the PTR forum) and the actual reason for this to have been put in place is that is that they wanted to keep the level 60 PvP sets special for those that earned the rank during the old PvP system.

Now you may not know but under the old PvP system to level up through the ranks you had to spend hours in battlegrounds farming the honour required, I remember reading once that it was estimated that 14 hours a day playing PvP was required to garner the honour needed to get to the higher echelons of rank 12-14. This caused people to account share (against the EULA)  and even afk bot in battlegrounds so that they could gain the maximum of honour even when staying awake to actually play was impossible. Then there was also the “mafia” like group of players that existed on nearly all severs to control who got to ranks 12+ and who didn’t, sad but true!

Now baring in mind that Blizzard have said that the restrictions are in place to give back to those players that put in the monumental effort to get to rank 14. Odd then that they now care, considering the furore that removing the ranking systems and converting it all to one feat of Strength achievement caused in the past. Then to add insult to injury they allow any Tom, Rick and Harriet to buy the armour set for gold!


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