Beaten but unbowed.

A quick follow up to my last post regarding Transmogrification and level 60 pvp armour sets.

This is my last forum post on the matter and unless there is dramatic changes my last blog post on the matter too. It can be read in full here.

What I would like to highlight is this part of my closing statement.

“You win, I give up, have your armour set and weapons, the fact that I have played and paid for the same number of years as you is immaterial. Blizzards arbitrary decision to reward the minority at the expensive of the majority is the right choice, it was wrong for me to question it. I shall vendor my armour set on next login and ticket a GM as to who I send the gold to as having the few gold it is worth in my characters account would be immoral as it was earned off the hard working backs of those with ranks!”

I sold the armour on as promised, it all came to 31gold 72silver 27copper. I then opened a ticket and explained as quickly as I could the circumstances and asked what to do with the gold.
I spoke in game with a rather bemused GM who eventually said “There is no need to give us the gold back!” and with that disappeared back to the GM bar.

The support ticket at was moved to resolved but I had the option of clicking “Unresolved” so I did and issued them this statement.

First off I would like to thank the rather bemused GM (Oldaca) who tried to help me with the ticket I made regarding what to do with the ill gotten sum of 31g 72s 27c that I received when I sold the level 60 PvP armour set to which Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decided that I had no right to use for transmogrification purposes not to mention the anger and spite directed to players like me who’s only crime was to have a character that was not around when the old PvP system was in place. (although I was playing the game at that time.)
I would like to voice my displeasure in the decision to exclude players like myself that chose to play other aspects of the game rather than grind PvP ranks. I had bought that armour for my Paladin some months ago and was overjoyed at the thought of transmogrifying it over my current set only to have a cyber slap in the face on the day of 4.3. Not only that, NO ONE from Blizzards EU staff could be bothered to point this out in our own forums and was actually beaten to the punch not once, but twice by a player quoting what Bashiok had said on the matter.
I hope this reply goes some way to translate to you how upset and insulted I feel at the decision of Blizzard to do this, as a long standing subscriber to World of Warcraft I find this so disappointing that I am considering finally allowing my subscription to end and walk away from the game, a game I have played since 2005.
I have seen many changes come to this game and not at any stage has one of them made me feel the need to quit, until now. I know that you cannot do anything about this issue apart from maybe “push it up the line” but I can live in hope.
Finally there is the issue of the ill gotten 31g 72s 27c while the GM sated there was no need to give the money back it has been made quite clear in the forums and by Blizzard I did not deserve the armour or indeed the gold I got back from it, so I will find a low level character in a starting zone and pass it on to them.

I tried to be as calm as I could, tried not to be rude but just to state my displeasure on this subject. I dare say it could have been written better, differently or even not at all, but I am truly angry over this subject.


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