Looking for Idiots, I mean Group.

Well it’s been a few days since the misery of the transmogging saga and I have drowned my sorrows in the blood of many mobs around Azeroth. As an update on the whole PvP armour sets and transmog saga after pushing my ticket “up the line” (Blizzards fault they gave me the ability to press a button marked “I require further help!” muhahahaha) I spoke to yet another GM in game who expressed his sympathy with the situation and accepted that in this case the GM’s should have been a lot more “on the ball” he (I presume it was a “he”) later messaged me with this joke:

“How does a Tauren add up. . . . .
. . . with a COWculator” ba-dum tish!”

While I appreciate the effort and I think in the end it was just a “go talk to this person and tell them we care. . . honest!” call, but at least they tried.

Angry much!

I still have till after Winter veil. . .I mean Xmas to decide if I am still angry enough to unsub from Warcraft for this I will not EVER buy and wear the level 60 PvP armour set in the future providing that they remove the restriction (you never know). I know Blizzard would care less then than the care about me wearing it now but “fuck ‘em”. To coin a phrase!

Looking for drama. Raids and dungeons.

It seems that some people have been a bit naughty with the new “Looking for Raid” tool by exploiting an oversight regarding looting policies. Ok I know this is “old” news considering it happened last week but I’m not a new service : P

The idea was that when you have one chance a week (not sure if that is per-boss or per-raid) to get loot from the raid using LFR. People managed to work out a few ways to make sure loot was passed on the the “right” people. Some of the top guilds and I do mean TOP GUILDS, started to exploit these methods and after a few days Blizzard caught on and did something about it.

It was pointed out in the past Blizzard have not really done much to people exploiting game mechanics, sure they have removed the gear or even given 3 day bans but this time they went a little bit further. Blizzard chose to ban these players for 8 days. Now while 8 days may seem harsh you have to take in to account that this ban not only prevents them from using the LFR again for 8 days it all so stops them raiding FULL STOP. Which means by the time the ban is up these players will be 8 days behind everyone else in progression. For these guys in the top guilds getting a personal “World/server/faction firsts” are the reason they do it.

In other news, bans & idiots.

I’ve been running the new Heroics that was introduced in 4.3 and I must say they are not as easy as people make out nor are they difficult. I think Blizzard have hit the nail of the head in regards to skill level of these instances.

As for the idiots, I keep meeting people who insist on skipping trash in some of these new engagements the problem is that the trash either gets pulled by accident and may cause a wipe if the tank isn’t watching or, more often than not the trash gets pulled during the boss fight and causes a wipe!

Considering the amount of DPS being brought to the instances skipping trash does not seem logical at all. The packs at the Jaina Proudmore fight in “End Time” takes a minute to clear, you’ll need to clear at least three of those packs to make it the boss encounter “safe” so including time between packs make it about an extra 4-5 minutes to that encounter, not much is it?

I’ve been in two groups now that have fallen apart with out even getting a pack downed because people are running off in different directions to collect the shards and they end up to far away from the tank or the healer to get avoid a death and even a wipe.

I have tanked these instances a couple of times with Banhammer (and Saitangus) and have told the group that we are killing certain trash so we are not looking at accidental pulls, coming from me when I am tanking seems to go down well, when I am DPSing people tend to not listen and try skipping trash!

Until next time!

Banhammer. Paladin.


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