My rules don’t apply to me!

Like many people on the interwebz I am a member of several different “social media” websites, you know the ones Facebook, Twitter and  Google+ to name a few. Facebook I use all the time, I rarely make use of the games, I don’t click on any of the adverts and my profile does not contain anything like postal address or phone numbers, same is to be said of Twitter and Google+. Oddly enough G+ gives me access to just as much personal information as Facebook does (on some peoples accounts as they do not restrict it) yet Facebook is considered “the big bad” but that is as they say “another story”.

I was never a fan of Twitter basically because I “don’t get it”, seriously I have tried, I have an account I look at it and I just don’t understand what is going on. To me it’s a cross between listening to half a conversation (the replies at least) and an looking at a poorly done ASCII version of Facebook!

Now the reason for this particular blog is to write about Wil Wheaton, film star, tv personality and on screen son of Dr. Beverly Crusher whom, I had a massive crush on. (no pun intended that just happened naturally) I red heads are great but Sci-Fi red heads on Star Trek was just a massive win for me. *fap fap* oops sorry I’ll put that down!  : )

My career as a follower *baaaa*

When I was offered the chance of beta access to G+ I thought what the hell just some I can sign up for and then ignore after a while. So I join and it’s been quite fun, I find it’s layout better than Facebook, adding pictures and comments slightly better and at the moment no adverts, but this is Google so they’ll be there soon but adverts never worried me any way I never click on them anyway. I started following a few internet celebs that I was interested in but as I told the person who invited me to G+ “I bet they lose interest before I do!” and I was half right at least. As Facebook and Twitter are bigger than G+ right now a lot of the programs these celebs use post across multi-platform saving them the time to “copypasta” their updates/announcements/thoughts/what “evers”! As some of these tools are lacking in G+ support sometimes it can be days before the mighty G+ gets an update or in some cases even get an update.

Mr. Wheaton on the other hand is quote keen on the G+ side of things Although I don’t follow him on anything else so I really shouldn’t even try to compare, but that’s beside the point. One of the things Mr. Wheaton posted on G+ (and I’ll assume elsewhere) was his rule of the internet which goes along the lines of “Don’t be a dick!” or to put it in a more visual mode.

After reading this delightful revisit to his gripe about being asked to turn off electronic devices while on a plane. There is much “evidence” for the rules concerning electronic devices being used while in take off or landing mode being changed as the devices do not actually effect anything. . . . the jury still out on that one! The main thing I got out of the discussion was that people demand the right NOT to follow the rules even if it means that they cannot use the particular device for such a short period of time. To all those people who decided that MR. Wheaton is correct and the FAA/Airlines are wrong I would like to not only point out Mr. Wheaton’s “rule” but all so the video above.

You don’t have to like the airlines rules, but don’t be a dick about it!


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