Y U no work bulletz!

The madness of Xmas time is over and some semblance of normality begins to descend on the world. Hopefully.

Unfortunately the Xbox 360 remains firmly shut with a stuck DvD tray and I am waiting for some measure of financial stability before I book in a repair, although I am assured Microsoft/Xbox is quite reasonable in price. So with that in mind I have taken to playing the PS3 a bit more (when my Son is not hogging it or the Missus is not watching her tv shows on the TV). The games of choice have been Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Space Marine.

Space Marines!……….dakka dakka

Space Marine is a fun adventure, big bold graphics, detailed texture and a story written, as rumour would have it by someone from Games Workshop themselves (Pending a lengthy delve into the seedy under belly of Google search engine I have no proof of that or right at this moment the desire to go looking, yet!”)

The third person just over the shoulder to the right a bit game view leaves the view clear so you can see the battlefield in all it’s glory. Although the brutal, savage, bestial Orks all seem to speak quite good English for us to understand : P

I will say it was odd to hear the words “Space marines!” being yelled when I first played it, I thought “I know what I am, the other two Ultramarines with me know what I am why are they saying it?” but it is in fact the Orks. As for the game I like the shooting, it is quite satisfying to see the bolts blow large gouts of blood from the Orks and hand to hand combat is quite brutal and quick affair and only on larger mobs do I feel it becomes a little bogged down with “combos”. I say that because I was never any good at “beat ‘em up” games.

Overall I would greatly recommend this game to anyone, epsecially as it can be bought brand new for about £15 right now.

Broken bullets and flying bullshit!

I have also been bashing my skull against Battlefield 3, now when I get the Xbox fixed I shall be buying this game (also quite cheap at the moment £25) mainly because I find, for this game at least, the Xbox controllers more natural to use, where as I find the PS controller a little cack handed. Maybe they can be redefined I’ll just have to look into it.

As for the broken bullets it seem I have come up against a very dodgy set of bullets recently and even a defective rocket. So many times now I have had a shoot out with someone in which I end up dead yet and the opposing player walks away with 3% or 6% health left 0.o I mean wtf. The most annoying thing though the the 5.56mm bullets I am blasting into the flesh of my target seem unable to kill them but the 1 or 2 9mm pistol bullets put me on my arse without fail every time! grrr.

It’s got to the point now where I have even given up using the RPG on tanks, A weapon designed to destroy or disable armoured vehicles seems worthless when you shot the tank right in the engine bay and it just drives off and indeed needs at least 3 hits from the RPG to destroy it. This leads me to the defective rockets. I watched one of the Opfor run in to a lightly armoured, thin skinned watch tower, I fired my RPG right at the point where he stood and part from the legs of the tower it all vanished just leaving the guy standing there who proceeded to one shot me 0.o His remaining health ? 61% WTF. Shit if I evey get called to war I do hope DICE are not in charge of the ammo I use!

Now for flying bullshit.

When I first heard of Battlefield 3 my hope was the Helicopters and Planes would not too powerful, DICE have almost lived up to that promise which is good but there is one thing that is bothering me and that is this little fella the MAV

The MAV or Micro Air Vehicle is a small recon drone that can be used to scour the battlefield to help provide detailed recon for your team sadly this is where the massive amount of abuse and misuse begins. Not only can you use this small delicate piece of machinery to kill people by bashing into them while it remaining remarkably bullet proof but it could be used to fly people (see video below). Lucky for the world the ability to carry people was removed in the full retail version and was only able to do this in the beta version.

You can still ram kill people and it remains remarkably bulletproof, who ever makes these things could make space craft that are indestructible, something for future pondering.

Such bullshit that spoils this game.

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