Hollywood Explosions!

As I had a day off recently I decided to give World of Warcraft a break for a day (almost) and play Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. As per usual it took a few games to get (re)used to the PS3 controller, as I normally play the Xbox and prefer the Xbox controller as I find the triggers better for shooters.

images (2) images (1)
Using the lower triggers for aim/shoot I find feel more natural for shooters. PS3 quite comfortable but the R1 buttons for aim/shoot I find feel odd to me.

Had an interesting time on Battlefield 3, while I find the controls sometimes a little sensitive, especially with moment of fast ADS (Aim Down Sights) while using the ACOG scope on the M16A4. The Point sight or the Holographic sight I find easier to control, I think it has something to do with the magnification levels. The ACOG uses X4 compared to the Holographic x1.5 magnification. So I’m thinking that with so much zoom a small movement of the weapon means the aim actually move a larger amount.

Anyway that is beside the point, the reason I called this particular blog post “Hollywood explosions” is during a game of Rush mode on the Metro map I was working my way to the 3rd tier of M-COM stations and I noticed a guy crouching behind the desk near the left M-COM. I decided to be “clever” (which got me shot in the back a second later) and throw a grenade at him. The resulting explosion was so excessive for a hand grenade, I thought Battlefield 3 had gone all Hollywood on us. Until I noticed I was getting a lot of bonus points for destroying enemy ordinance, namely the C4 he was booby trapping the M-COM station with. So instead of the bang and screen shake I was expecting for my grenade I was given the joy of a Hollywood level explosion, almost tempted to write to Mythbusters.

Lonely Island, such a funny band buy the Albums you’ll not regret it!

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