The Iron Tauren Challenge!

While pootling around the interwebz I kept hearing about something called the “Ironman challenge” at first I thought it was in reference to the Warsong Gulch achievement of “Ironman” [Wowhead] but it turns out it’s a different kind of beast altogether!

The challenge originally started out in the US forums but a quick search of the EU Warcraft forums I found the thread that details the requirements of the challenge. The full post can be read here [EU Official Forums] The thread explains the full details but the hard and fast rules are as follows.

1) No items equipped other than White or Gray items.
2) No heirlooms.
3) No talent points – no specialization – you may train class abilities
4) No professions, primary or secondary, other than First Aid.
5) No food or water above vendor-quality white items.
6) No groups- no BG’s, no instances, no raids, no quest groups. No guilds.
7) No enchants, scrolls, potions/elixirs, or glyphs.
8) No outside financial or equipment assistance. (no gold or bags from other toons)
9) THE BIG ONE – if you die, ever, you delete that toon and start over at lvl 1 Any takers?

I decided to give it a go, first to roll a character. I chose to use the old dice, a D6 to be precise to help randomise the creation. So I made the following tables to help me sort Faction, Gender, Race and Class.

D6 Roll Faction
1-3 Alliance
4-6 Horde
D6 Roll Gender
1-3 Male
4-6 Female

D6 Roll Race
1 Orc
2 Forsaken
3 Tauren
4 Troll
5 Blood Elf
6 Goblin

D6 Roll Class
1 Warrior
2 Paladin
3 Hunter
4 Priest
5 Shaman
6 Druid

Four rolls of the dice produced 6, 4, 3 and a 2. Now anyone who knows me will be aware that I have a lot of Paladins, too many : PSo with faction, gender, race and class sorted all I needed now was a name, a good name, I settled on Cattleina! A nice comedy mixture of race meets a female name : P

Freshly rolled level 1 Cattleina, with all the “fine” trappings of a Tauren at large in the wilds of Mulgore!

Next time: Leveling up some.


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