The Iron Tauren: part II

Cattleina’s first trials in the Ironman challenge was the starting zone, Ok using the word trials makes it sound a little harder than it was but in fact I think we could have all done it in our sleep. Needless to say Cattleina went from level 1-5 rapidly and moved from Camp Narache to Bloodhoof village without any mishaps on the way.

Putting the “Hoof” in Bloodhoof.

Before Cataclysm expansion pack the Ironman challenge would have been a lot harder, these days the restructuring of the quest lines means it is more friendly and does not (in some cases) dumps your character in at the deep end. Enough wiffle back to the action.

After roughly 3 hours of play time Cattleina was sitting pretty at level 14, which meant only 3 more levels to go before I can buy her the next set of armour from the vendor, currently it seems a new set is available from the armour vendors every 5 levels. Weapons seem to have a slightly different level scale.

Level 14 a looking snazzy in her mail armour set. : )

Near death experiences.

I was going to call this part “Get some sleep you fool” but it wasn’t any where near dramatic enough lol. When I decided to start an Ironman challenge character I had not long been in from work (I start early mornings) and had been playing for around 2 hours when I nearly died the first time. I was traveling to a quest location when I flagged a mob at the same time as I dozed off. A kind of ultimate power nap, only woken to the sound of Cattleina being bitten on the tail buy a wolf and down to around 35% hit points. Being the *cough* Pro *cough* player that I am I mashed the War stomp button and run off. . . . like a boss! : D
The second time something like that happened I decided to log out take a screen shot and have a proper nap : D

To Orgrimmar, then the Barrens.

Once fully rested (in real life ofc) I logged back in finished of the final Thunder Bluff quest lines and was given the quest to present myself to that murdering scu. . . . . . to the current Horde Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. After presenting my credentials, doing some of the Love is in the Air seasonal dailies (the rules say I can.) it was time to see what jobs was on offer on the Warchief’s command notice board. The choices are Azshara or Northern Barrens, well Azshara is boring as hell so I plumped for good old Barrens.

So a familiar quest reared it’s head and to go with it a familiar problem, I shall demonstrate with this picture I have made using my IMBA Photoshop skillz (“Z” intended)

no beaks

7 beaks, 15 kills! What the hell Blizzard! : P

Voyeuristic animals!

Jogging down towards a quest I ran in to a rare mob a Raptor by the name of Takk the Leaper (I am sure his parents didn’t chose it). While I was fighting this rare and (possibly) noble beast our fight was observed buy a Barrens Giraffe. Who walk up to us stood there for the entirety of the fight, when the killing blow fell and Takk hammed up the death scene the Giraffe walked off all casual. Maybe Takk was not really liked in the area and the giraffe was off to tell his mates that Takk and just got the kicking of his life! Being in the photoshop mood I made this picture for your viewing pleasure.

wtf giraffe
In my head the Giraffe sounds like Melmen from the film Madagascar!

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