Bright Ideas and Multi-player maps.

Very occasionally I have bright ideas, well I think they are but it’s not often that I chose to share them outside a few RL friends, but this one I think needs to be shared. Although this blog isn’t read that much I am hoping that it’s a start that may get the idea spread and like many things on the internet take on a life of it’s own.

A very, very brief history.

Since the time of the classic game Doom made by iD software, yes I know not the original FPS but arguably one that really made FPS’s big business. Following that we had (in no particular order) Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal and Unreal Tournament, all great games and all offered the ability for the user to make and use custom made maps designed and built by gamers for gamers.

As game technology improved, games environments moved from being inside or at least inside nice high walled city streets with a touch of sky to open world environs, we now even have “realistically” destroyable buildings (thank you Frostbite2 engine, I love you!).

Now to the idea.

I’ll talk about the current “big name” games for this part, namely Call of Duty and Battlefield series games, especially the Battlefield series. When EA Games released the demo for Battlefield 1942 we first saw the Wake Island map [] it quickly became a favourite amongst the players, so much so it has been included in Battlefield 2143, Battlefield 2 and now more recently Battlefield 3.

While in the Call of Duty series each version and resulting map packs produces several maps that once again become a favourite with the players and always get voted into the rotation more often than not. Infinity Ward even went to the trouble of remaking a few of the maps from Modern Warfare and released them as a map pack for Modern Warfare 2. (Namely Vacant, Strike, Crash and Overgrown)

Ok NOW I’ll get to the idea.

After reading all that I sure you are all waiting with baited breath for the final reveal or you’ve stopped reading : P

What I would like to see is some of these great maps redone but for the “rival” games Wake island and Strike at Karkand for Call of Duty and any number of maps imported into Battlefield 3 (I guess only for TDM or SQDM) now here is the kicker the maps are to be bundled into a pack for charity so it will be the first cross platform, cross game gamer friendly map pack for all the family! Tad Dah!! worth the read huh? Spread the word people! 😀


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