Iron Tauren Part III

A lot has changed since two, namely Cattleina is a whopping level 32 and finally has an armour set that includes a helm! o.m.g. lol and only about 24 hours played time getting there!

level 32

Sexy cow alert, she is also hitting the heady heights of 60+ DPS with the new 1 handed sword which on screen is almost as big as some of the two handers!

Hitting a wall.

Around level 27 I had kinda hit a wall and was feeling quite bored of the whole thing, questing was draining my will to live. So I felt a change in pace was in order. So I tried to pick somewhere that would offer me ample grinding opportunity. I know, I know bored of questing so go do something a dull as grinding mobs, don’t quite make sense does it. I tell you why I chose to do it, questing involves a lot of travelling, sometimes you can fly other times you have to walk or ride your trusty mount to the locations. This some times feels like a massive amount of time wasted. I know it’s not as the eventual XP reward from the quest makes up for the travelling and not killing mobs for the XP. So there I was bored of questing so I come up with the great idea of just go and kill a bunch of stuff one after the other, at least I’ll be busy.

Bum Squeaky Moment #1.

So I take Cattleina to Stonetalon Mountains, lets see what we have to slap about here. We have Rams, Spiders, Lightning “Lizards” and some Eagles these we can kill. About 25 mobs in, Titanbar is telling me 43 more kills to level, I’m in the groove of the grind. Taunt a mob, slap it about, loot it move on. When, what I can only describe two of the biggest fucking spider legs I have seen in my life (ok not entirely true but I am going for drama here) land either side of Cattleina from behind! I almost feel out of my chair. I’ve never hit my bubble button so quick in all my (in game) life and ran!! So a quick change of underwear for both me and Cattleina later I notice the spider, while big was only level 27, same as Cattleina but had around 400 hit points more that her. I think I could take the spider but not going to risk it just to avenge my pants!

Bum Squeaky Moment #2.

This one was all my fault, I wasn’t paying attention to the game, I was doing the opening quests in Southern Barrens, Now that the place has been firmly divided  by a massive crevice in game now. The quests I had was quite simple, Kill 10 guards and a officer while at the same time kill some raptors. Not a problem, I have plenty of healing spells to keep my alive, what could possibly go wrong?
Well I can tell you, I have been making an effort to watch the NCIS dvd box sets and I have my PS3 just to my left so I can play wow on the PC and watch dvd’s on the PS3 or the other way around. So there I am watching NCIS when I look back at my monitor. Poor Cattleina is down to her last 10% hit points and was around 1 or 2 hits at the most away from death!!! PANIC STATIONS. Thank the stars for the spell “Lay on Hands” all hit points restored. I can unclench the cheeks now!


After finally dinging level 32, I flew Cattleina back to Thunderbluff to train up and get my new armour from the bank and wanted to get a good screen shot of her wearing it for the blog. So while standing at the bottom of the flight tower in the centre of Thunderbluff I took a few screen shots. When I look at them later I realised that I have been photo-bombed by my own pet! He even had his Cheeky grin on. lol.

photo bombed

Till next time. Banhammer, Cattleina and Peddlefeet!


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