Battlefield 3 getting it’s fix on!

Finally it seem DICE are getting around to fixing many of the issues people have had with this game. Issues that have affected the players from the lowly grunt to the pro-pilots.

Now I can’t fly helicopters or planes for shit, never have and I’ve played all the Battlefield games since Battlefield 1942. Ok I say “All” I didn’t enjoy 2142 at all and I didn’t play Battlefield: Modern Combat on the consoles either, but other than that I played em all, honest oh and on the PC. . .true fact!

I think DICE hit a sweet spot when they made Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Nice big character models, weapons and terrain, add to that the ability to destroy buildings knock down trees and all sorts of other sweet stuff and you had a great game.

One thing though that has, in this humble bloggers opinion, always marred the game series is the planes and helicopters. Get a helicopter or a plane in the hands of a skilled pilot and they are devastating. But the game was always good at providing ways to clear the skies of the air menace. That though was not actually the problem, the issue was actually was that to many people team killed to get a air vehicle or just camped out at the air fields and didn’t bother capturing flags and winning the game quicker, nothing beats a a personal Kills to death ratio. 0.o

A moment of nostalgia.

When playing Battlefield: Vietnam I would generally end up on the side of the NVA/VC which meant I had access to the lovely AAA weapons and vehicles. This would result in me getting MANY kills off the “pro” pilots as they considered themselves untouchable up in the sky. Shoot one down and move position. Wait for the sucker to get another plane/helis and as they head back to get their revenge on me I would shoot them down from else where. Much fun was had!

Back to reality.

Despite how good Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multi-player was, a map with Helicopters normally ended up going badly for one team. One team would end up with both helicopters and the game was pretty much over. A good pilot would also know the location of the the few available AAA guns and destroy them leaving them untouchable *sigh*

Battlefield 3 has now been out a while, bringing with it even better environments, more destruction, modern weapons and all round awesomeness. Not that the game does not have it’s issues for example the USAS-12 + 12g Frag rounds and people using the MAV to float themselves to high and unreachable places, I didn’t have any issues with people using the MAV to kill people although the speed at which it hits and kills was a little to “generous” to the pilot of the thing.


Judging by this article at PC Gamer magazine it lists a rather large list of incoming fixes, many I have been waiting to see others I didn’t know about lets just see how many of these fixes make it to the final patch or how long it take for DICE to get the patch out.[]

Some highlights (well for me at least) are.

  • FAMAS: The FAMAS combines an extreme rate of fire with extreme recoil making it very difficult to use at anything other than close quarters combat. Due to update restrictions, the FAMAS had different stats on all 3 platforms. The FAMAS is now uniform on all platforms and now has the correct 25 round magazine.
  • The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator.
  • The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed. It is still possible to strategically sacrifice your MAV on a soldier; it will be destroyed in the process.
  • Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.
  • Zooming shotguns with Buckshot and Flechette loads will now result in a slightly tighter cone for the pellets.

Read the full list to see if your pet peeve for this game is included : )


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