Way to long between blogs.

I apologise to anyone who is a loyal reader for not posting any blogs recently. I have been busy levelling in Battlefield 3, I’ve managed to get to level 32, slow and steady is the name of (my) game. You can check out my profile at EA/DICE website Battlelog (You have to have registered with them to be able to see my profile though which is silly tbh)

Iron Tauren: Part 4

For those that was looking forward to any Iron Tauren news I can tell you that I have got Cattleina to level 45 and finally got my first plate armour items, 5 level later than I could actually use plate 0.o
She finished off Ferelas and was working her way steadily though Thousand Needles when I had to stop. Not because two people have completed the challenge but because it is actually hard work battering your way in hand to hand combat and I kinda hit “the wall”.

On the official web page a player called Kripparrian has already got to level 85, but he was player as a hunter which is as good as having an extra character helping you out, pfft cheat :p
I plan to get back to levelling Cattleina very soon, I feel that I am neglecting her heroic progress across Azeroth, although there is a good reason.
I have managed to get a new zone completed with Banhammer and made good head way into another, 10 achievement points at a time (slow and steady remember lol)

I read books, me!

Another very good reason for lacking of blogging is that I have recently finished of several of my Xmas books I got/bought. First was Terry Prachett’s Snuff, yet another great book from the master himself. I also read the most recent Horus Heresy book. Know no Fear by Dan Abnett, another master author. This book tells the story of the Word Bearers attack on the Ultramarines, good news is there is plenty of scope for a part two of this book, I do hope there is. I started on Nick Kyme’s Nocturne which is part three in the series about the Salamanders chapter of Space Marines, but I left it in the truck at work and won’t be able to get it till Monday 😦
I can’t be that sad as I still have plenty of other books to read including book 2 and 3 in the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R.R. Martin. Although I will add I am loath to start them as the TV series starts on Sky Atlantic soon and I don’t want to spoil the TV show.
Normally I prefer books to the film/tv versions but in this case I started with the TV show rather than the books so I’ll carry on that way.

In unrelated news but. . .
. . .because I want to post them, here is two pictures of soem miniatures from Games Workshop I painted.



Space Dwarves are making a come back*
Cadian Ork Hunter. I painted this guy before Citadel’s new washes and it looks very rough. I might remake him soon.

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