MW3 fixes, maybe.

There is a campaign gathering steam (I guess?) which hopes to pressure Activison (well Infinity Ward/Sledge Hammer games) to fix the current crop of problems that Modern Warfare 3 online play is suffering from. The organisers made this video to highlight their campaign.

I will say I don’t play Modern Warfare 3 as much as much as I played MW2 or Black Ops, mainly because Battlefield 3 wasn’t out then, but that is another story. Not that I think MW3 is bad, far from it I loved the single player campaign, such a great story, I would even go so far as to say it would make a great film or even a book. I find the way they have approached levelling, weapon unlocks and perks far better that MW 2 and Black Ops and quite frankly can’t wait to see if they go for a MW 4 or take the game in another direction. So I have not seen the problems that these guys speaking of in such great detail but I am keeping an eye out for how this all goes down on the 20th.

Battlefield 3 gripes.

The reason I mention this is that EA/DICE while they did eventually address many of the issues plaguing Battlefield 3 (USAS-12 + 12g Frags, MAV riding and many weapon balances) it took them far to long to do so. The eventual list of fixes was extensive but far to little to late. The “honest” players had either become dishonest i.e. taken to MAV elevating/road killing or USAS-12 boosting stats, or have stopped playing altogether, which is what I did. The growing resentment towards playing a game when everyone at the rank of 43 and above are running with the USAS and 12g frags and just dominating each map. Or some joker spending the whole game trying to bash your head in with a sensitive piece of equipment (the MAV) yet it remained rather resilient to bullet strikes and took some shooting to bring it down or use a SAM and it’s a one hit deal but that means only 1 class out of 4 could bring it down.

But I digress. . .

I was discussing the comparisons between both games, online wise at least. Although I maintain you can’t as while they are both shooters MW3 is very much fast paced, quick reaction with no direct reward for team play. Where as Battlefield 3 is a more realistic, team play based shooter.

Anyway I’ve always maintained and if you take a look back, that Activision, sorry Activi$ion have a very tight grasp on the purse strings. The end result is that pretty soon after a games release that money (well what’s left after the shareholders/investors take their cut) is directed towards making the next game in the Call of Duty franchise, in this case what ever Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer are making after MW3. Which means that resources (i.e. money/programmers/peons) are diverted away from the upkeep of MW3 and the slow decline of not fixing glitches or countering hacks begins again. Try playing a game of Modern Warfare and very soon you’ll see what I mean.

Want a more recent example, when IF released the expansion for MW2 which contained the map “Fuel” someone discovered that a certain rock could be jumped inside making you bullet proof, although not grenade proof 😛 Was this glitch fixed? hell no, although they did release anther expansion pack after that.

In the end it was good to see EA/DICE put so much effort into “fixing” Battlefield 3 even if it was somewhat to late to fix the damage done to the games reputation. I only hope that the campaign to try and get IF/Sledgehammer to put some real effort into fixes.

Next time I shall rant about DLC.


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