Beggers and benefits.

I was going to post my blog yesterday but at the last minute new inspiration appeared in the form of two forum threads in the “General” section of the World of Warcraft EU forums.

The two forums threads of note are variations on the same theme which is that players who only wish to focus on the PvP portion of the game cannot afford to update, gems and enchants on new gears as there is no gold reward for PvP. This is not a new arguement by a long shot it have reared it’s ugly head before and without ploughing into the archives of my Blog to confirm this I think I have mentioned it before.

Once again, the problem touted by the PvP’rs is ridiculous, while I won’t say money is easy to come by, at least for the more expensive mounts and items from the AH, to actually claim poverty because they only PvP is just insulting to Blizzard’s Devs because Blizzard implemented this rather cunning system called “dailies”.

Money for old quests!

I once, during the heady days of the Lich King expansion did a test to see how much money I could earn doing dailies and how long it would take me to complete the maximum daily allotment of 25. For my Paladin, who has never had anything like top raid or PvP tier armour and weapons, it took just shy of 2 hours to complete 25 dailies. I chose the cooking and fishing dailies out of Dalaran then to Grizzly hills to complete the bulk of the PvP dailies there finally finishing at the Argent Tournament grounds for the 10+ dailies there.

If I include any gold and vendor trash I got from mobs as I quested, I ended up netting roughly around 350 gold for two hours work. Now bare in mind as time progressed (and in some cases what quests I got) meant that I was quicker each time completing the “circuit” of dailies and if I every learned how to use macros and not be a “clicker” I could have been even faster.

With that in mind for around roughly 350 gold a day + sundry tokens and other rewards I could buy (pets from the Argent Tournament that I could sell) less than two hours spent is a pretty worth while time investment. So why are PvP’rs claiming to be struggling for gold?

The answer is simple, PvPing does not reward gold, period! And “being forced” to PvE (or as they claim, “Something I don’t like doing!”) it is unfair to them or that taking the time to complete the dailies is so unpalatable as to be “insulting”. What a load of shit! It boils down to being lazy no matter the spin you put on it!

Azeroth’s benefit system.

Since the introduction of the stat of resilience on armour and Arenas a rather poor choice of phrase was coined by a Blizzard employee and that was “Welfare Epics”. The phrase was meant to be a critique of how “easy” *cough* it was for the average player to get a reasonably decent set of armour via completing a handful (it was about 10 games a week) arena matches and random battlegrounds. The term was soon expanded to everyone who got epics from anything that was not considered top tier raiding. The end result was that you needed a decent guild that would be prepared to carry you in raids until you get some decent drops if you didn’t have access to such a patient guild then you needed “welfare epics” I always thought that it didn’t matter where you got the armour from just as long as you are at a competitive level of gear with the other raiders. That way you are pulling you weight either healing, dpsing or tanking! So then why are welfare epics such a bad idea! Believe it or not the answer is quite simple. Colour, yep that’s right colour, change the colour of what people refer to as welfare epics from purple to blue (you could leave the stats and iLevel the same, no really) and they would no longer be considered “epics” but just “blues” and the snowflakes, sorry top raiders would no longer have any need to complain about everyone having epics!

Spinning in their cubicles.

I am sure that if the Blizzard dev actualy read the forums and not just made aware of threads pushed their way via the GM’s they would just /facepalm at the notion that after all the work put in at Blizzard to add ways for you to make the gold you need you still need even another even simpler way to earn gold! They would be spinning in their little cubicle farm where they slave away all day making this great game!

Personally it beggars belief that out the of the three aspects World of Warcraft has (PvE, Raiding and PvP) people can’t be bothered to spend even a little time doing some PvE just to get the gold they need to get buy? If you need some thing that costs money you got to work, you don’t tell your boss that you “will work Monday to Wednesday but do not like to work Thursday or Friday but you can still pay me as I need the money to pay my bills!” They will laugh you out of the building. We all have to do things we don’t want to do, heck I would have so loved to get my hands on some of the sets of PvP armour but I found going into a battle grounds in low quality player made blue pvp gear just to be farmed for HP by guys already in high end PvP gear detestable, I never went to the forums demanding that “non pvp’rs need easier access to pvp gear”

The future of Warcraft.

I joked in the forum that if players only wish to play the PvP aspect of the game, Blizzard might as well change the game into “Call of WorldCraft” when you log in you get two options “Solo Campaign” and “Multiplayer”, selecting multiplayer would present you with the screen that allows you pick you gear and set up, then you sit in the lobby for a 30 seconds and you are in to the battleground/arena. Once the game is over your back in the lobby. No need for any cities or world environments just character select screen and a lobby! Congratulations PvP’rs you’ve just broken the World part of Warcraft!


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