Picking up a brush, again.

A few weeks ago Citadel, Games Workshops miniature figures and paints “division” released a complete new range of paints. Within the paint range are 7 types of paint in the range, these are Base, Shade, Layer, Dry, Technical, Glaze and Texture.

Each type of paint has been formulated to serve a purpose, Base, Shade, Layer and Shade being the main bulk of your painting (ok maybe mine at least) With Technical, Glaze and Texture providing more advanced usage.

It has been a long time since I had painted anything miniature and as my paints had been in their box on the shelf many of them had dried up and had to be thrown away. A sad day lol.

So I decided to treat myself to a few new paints from the new range to see what the system is like and invested in the Citadel Warhammer 40,000 paint set at the princely sum of £22.50.


What do you get?

In the box you get a reasonable selection of paints 8 in fact, you even get a “Starter brush”, a sprue containing 5 push fit (kinda) Dark Angel Space Marines and a painting guide! The colours you get are Caliban Green, Mephiston Red, Leadbelcher, Mournfang Brown. Which are the “base” paints. There are two “layer” pots of Ulthuan Grey and Ushabti Bone also for your fun and delight there us also a “technical” pot of Imperial Primer” and a “shade” called Agrax Earthshade.

8 paints and a brush walk into a bar. . . . .

Five ‘kinda’ push fit Space marines with a painting guide.

The guide is pretty nice addition to a paint set to be honest, it does not show you how to paint at ‘eavy metal standard but will pretty much get a first timer started and will have them painting to a reasonable gaming standard.

Lets get painting.

The painting guide gives us an 8 stage method of painting Dark Angels, the only flaw is that three of the eight paints the guide says to use are not actually included in the set, but luckily there are suitable alternatives. Using the guide and a steady(ish) hand I ended up with the results below.

The end result, my first Dark Angel EVER!. . . . .

. . .And in other news.

I started play Wolfenstien on the PS3, my gods that game is both great and tiresome at the same time. Upgrading your weapons as you play, lots of mobs to kill, powers to get what more could a gamer ask for? Well not having to cross time and time again across the same zones too “hand” in quests would be a good start. All in all I would recommend the game (as long as you buy it cheap) campaign was good story ending was ok, clearly setting it up for a sequel, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Yes I am late to this party but I just started playing Uncharted 3 on the PS3, another pretty good game as well. . . so far.


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