Trade dependence!

With the looming shadow of Mists of Pandaria darkening Azeroth blue skies. . . . I can’t really follow that up with anything but it was a good start!

Anyway back to the blog at hand, for a while now I’ve held the point of view that the trade system in World of Warcraft has become very biased in favour of jewel crafting and enchanting. Other trades have seen their usefulness slashed since The Burning Crusade expansion, yet Jewel crafters have seen the gems they produce under ever greater demand. Second to jewel crafting is enchanting followed loosely by tailoring/blacksmith/leather worker for the armour patches.

Gems, gems. gems!

If you want to get the best out of your character you have to make sure that your armour and weapons are reforged, patched, gemmed and enchanted. Blizzard have designed the current game around having the right stats for the job. For example as a Protection Paladin I need to make sure I have a certain levels of dodge, parry and mastery. So I go to the auction house and buy the recommended gems and enchants, then I head into a few dungeons and win or buy a new piece of armour this jigs my stats out off the recommended levels. This means another trip to the AH, more gems and enchants to buy and to top it all off, a quick spin around to the reforger.

More gold spent, there was night when, I did all 25 daily quests and 3 heroic randoms and still managed to spend all the gold I had earned that evening on gems, enchants and reforging for my new armour pieces.

No trade is fair trade!

While yes, tailors, leather workers and blacksmiths are making items other players can use, it is only one item, which is leg patches/thread or belt buckle. No other trade has such a high demand for its produce as JC and Enchanters are, this has got to stop, but it won’t. Well on the plus side the other “boon” trade skill Inscription is taking a further hit in Mists of Pandaria and that is the “prime” glyphs are being removed from the game. Not only did scribes lose out on a  lot of trade when Blizzard changed glyphs to learnable, it would seem that scribes are going to be the next “engineer” trade.  (having anything worth selling being made worthless or indeed removed in one fell swoop!

In the end it is Blizzards game and they can do what they want, if they want to spend a lot of time on designing a trade skill tree then total bork it than that is up to them. I wonder if they really know how much this annoys us as players?


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