Mega Value Collectors Edition!

Well it have been a few weeks since EA/DICE released the well named “Premium” deal for Battlefield 3. For those that don’t know Battlefield 3: Premium costs £40 for UK players and give those that buy it a few extra trinkets:

1. A remodelled knife, does no more damage than the current one.
2. A really awful looking shitty gun camo!
3. Some dog tags.
4. Priority in queues or some servers.
Lastly and to be honest the most important part of Premium price tag and that is:
5) All the expansion packs. (Five of them in total: See next paragraph)

Here in lies the problem I have with Premium, many people have already paid for the first expansion (Back to Karkand) or got it free as part of the “Collectors Edition” or as part of the pre-order offer. So being told that I am making a saving on buying “all 5 of the expansions” should I get a small refund because I’ve already spent £12 on Back to Karkand? lol what was I thinking of course I wouldn’t!

So in actual fact I don’t save a whopping £19.96 for all 5 but in fact a less impressive £7.97 as I have already bought one of them! Don’t get me wrong it’s still a saving to be made but traditionally with computer games the older it is the less resources available to make a quality expansions and game fixes it, as they are diverted to the next version (Battlefield 4?) or moved to other projects. Which could mean that by expansion pack 4, which the website claims is released March 2013, most of the staff (and funding) would have been diverted off to the aforementioned projects. Hell if it’s good enough for Activision to do for the Call of Duty series than certainly EA would not be above such practices!

I forgot to mention Reason No. 6.

Reason number six that EA have offered for what makes premium such great value is the ability to “Reset your stats” 0.o Why on earth would anyone want to reset their stats? Well mainly because due to things like overpowered or glitched weapons (e.g. USAS-12, FMAS, M26-Dart to name a few) players level really fast, add to that double XP weekends (and if you are a premium player they are giving you one whole week of double XP). What to do upon reaching Colonel 100? I know, offer them a stat reset and they can level all again, then when each and every expansion comes out players can reset once again because I dare say the double XP weeks/weekends will keep coming!

The other fun thing to consider with the purchase of Premium is the unforeseen “Special Snowflake” effect. There are two levels of this phenomenon, a quick trip to the official a few weeks ago and you would have seen the forums awash with people proudly boasting that as Premium purchases everyone else must be “So jelly!” and other internet banalities. The other symptoms manifests itself in Social media as a desperate need to prove that by purchasing premium they are right to have done so (and by consequence better person) and anyone who have not or does not see it as a great boon are in fact idiots!

Do I sound bitter at all?

Most likely, but I assure you I am not. There are a number of reason why I do not fell the need to charge out and buy premium. First off if I paid the £40 for premium now I doubt that I would still have the interest in Battlefield 3 by March 2013. Secondly and more importantly in a few months time Medal of Honour: Warfighter is released, quickly followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. So in all honesty why would I want to spend £40 on a few trinkets and 4 expansion packs that I might not bother even playing in a many months time when those two glorious games are hitting the streets?


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