The future of gaming!

I’m not a technology or a gaming journalist but whilst spit balling ideas with someone on Google+ I came up with an idea for the ultimate video gaming device, although science fiction has more or less already done the ground work for me it is something that quite clearly needs implementing for home entertainment.

A G+ friend asked a question about building a certain size laptop for gaming and as we conversed I conceptualised this idea. Forget the individual PC or console we live in a digital age, one I still don’t entirely trust but that is another matter altogether.

So my idea is this. . .

We take a leaf from all the Sci-fi books and films and fit our houses with one giant powerful central computer, not one that would talk to me (still have HAL concerns lol) or would turn on the lights as I walk around my house but one powerful enough to bring all matters of household entertainment together.

(note to self: try not to blog while listening to songs you really like to dance (in my chair) and sing to puts me right off)

Imagine you are in your room but you need to get something to eat, sure you could just pause the game go get some nibbles and come back or maybe even go to the effort of getting yourself a microwave in the same room as where you game pfft silly idea I say!

With a powerful central computer that is linked together with all TV’s in he house, fit in the PS3/Xbox modules for console support and digital/satellite TV receiver and no matter where you was in the house or for how long you could always quickly switch to your “channel” and there is your game just as you left it ready for you to carry on playing.

I am full of great ideas today I’m going off now to cut my toenails with the lawnmower it’s going to be quicker right. . .right?


Level 90 Retribution Paladin


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