Grave insults! I’ll meditate on it!

Since hitting level 90 with Banhammer I did a few days of doing as many dailies as I could find. Did those for a few days but in the end settled on mainly doing the Hafhill ones so I could work on my in game farm. The dailies for that place take about 30-45 minutes so I was looking for something else to do with my WoW time. So I chose to level my Horde Paladin (well Sunwalker if you want to get all “lorey” ‘n stuff) Saintangus. This time around I decided to try and run a few more dungeons than I did with Banhammer, with around a 18-24 minute wait per instance that gives plenty of time to quest while I wait.

By now I’ll bet your thinking “so far no insult?” well I’ll tell you of that now, I’ve been working my way through the Krasarang Wilds quest chain when I happen across a small Tauren themed base. There I find an Orc by the name of Kor Bloodtusk who says to me “These Sunwalkers are a tiresome lot. I need soldiers with horde blood in their veins and honor in their hearts. Not some pacifist sun spirit filth.” Being one of those “tiresome Sunwalkers” I decided to let the grave insult pass and cast Glyph of Contemplation to have a good think about what Kor Bloodtusk had said thus delaying the quest he gave me to do, that’ll teach him!

The offending article!

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