Medal of Honour: Warfighter.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Been playing Medal of Honour: Warfighter for a few weeks now, with a slight interruption with Black Ops 2. The story mode I thought was fantastic, very well written and played out in game. Although I did feel in places the story left a few questions rather than provided answers, only minor things none that ruin the plot or the story. For example in the section where you complete the training mission as the “Asset” that has gone missing what happens to him? has he turned? is he so entrenched in to the higher ranks of the terrorist organisaion? I demand answers!

I played through on normal skill level at first took me a few hours, I wasn’t trying to bash through so I can be one of those people who then complain about how short the campaign was. But then cannot even describe the plot or levels to people as they just didn’t pay attention. I was then told there is a Tier 1 mode in game all you have to do is complete the game on hard, now I loved the against the clock Tier 1 mode from Medal of Honour (2010) so this seemed like win/win for me. The fact that I had to complete the game on hard should have been the glue really, Tier 1 mode turns out just to be a new skill level that you unlock! *sigh*

Multiplayer funtimehappyland!

Online had great potential because of the game uses the Frostbite 2.0 engine sadly there is very little that is destroyable, wood frame windows and the occasional car other than that the whole word is pretty much solid, no matter what grenades and bombs you drop on the world, what a waste.

As we all like unlocks in our FPS games you need not worry as there plenty of things to play for. There are six classes you can play and each class has multiple special forces to unlock and then on to of that there are loads of weapons and accessories and if that wasn’t enough for you there is a shed load of gun camos to unlock. With that in mind I find it odd that all of these things are unlock in a seemingly random fashion.

Each time you level you get a new nations special forces unlocked for one of the classes, seems reasonable but it would seem the unlocks for gun sights, ammo, clips, gun camos, stocks, gun barrels etc. seem to jump back and forth amongst the weapons. My top screen menu currently says I have 9+ unlocks for “My Gun” but here is the rub the menus system for MoH: WF is so clunky everyone I know who has the game has pretty much picked one class, one weapon and keeps playing that character over and over again.

Hopefully Danger Close will fix more than just bugs come the 15th December patch/DLC sadly I doubt they can turn on building destruction but we shall see what they do actually fix or sort out.


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